World Health Organization holds a news conference on coronavirus outbreak – 3/11/2020


World Health Organization officials hold a press conference Wednesday to update the public on the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected more than 119,476 and killed at least 4,291, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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World Health Organization holds a news conference on the coronavirus outbreak – 3/11/2020



  1. I think you need to ring the alarm louder because the dumb and dumber leaders POTUS and VP of the USA are clueless.

  2. Indian state Kerala helth minister very systematicly controlling against covid 19 …mrs.Shylaja teacher very inteligent…her team system taking very agressive action…WHO also can use her experiance

  3. The world health organization (WHO) to say the Basic protective measures against the new Noronavirus.

    watch >>

  4. Meanwhile it's slowing down in China. I don't know what this means for the future but hopefully it's good news.

  5. An internet search gives: World population 7.8 Billion. Deaths due to Coronovirus 4,300 (So far)? The total deaths attributed to the 2018-19 flu/influenza season allegedly 34,200. Were there any repeated or regular public reports of the deaths in 2018-19 which seemingly amounted to 8 x Coronavirus amount – so far. How long does this 'flu/influenza season' last for? What is the projected death total for corona virus? Is coronavirus (in layman terms) a kind of super-flu with similar spreading and results as other common strains or is it going to be like 1918 with millions dying? Without accurate clear figures and predictions the current lock-down of populations could be seen as unnecessary panic – yet if this is going to be like 1918 and people are well informed then lock-down situations would be welcomed and understood.

  6. My doctor came in with his nurse to check me for this flue but mean time my doctor was licking his fingers just getting back from lunch. If this viruses was such a deadly threat my doctor's seem to not take it so serious and death defining… People need to open there eyes 😂👀

  7. Incompetent and still lying..when you sounded the alarm it was too late. You lost the window of opportunity to avoid global spread of virus. You did not account that China and South Korea are rich countries and have the means to limit the negative impact of covid. What about the poor countries? No/ limited test kits = No/limited cases reported.

  8. Why don't they talk about what's being done to find a cure,and what these doctors are doing besides talking, talking, and more talking. What is really being done to save us all? Who is WHO? They are worthless…

  9. Finally admitting what this truly is. A PANDEMIC. First step is to come out of denial. This should have been called a month ago.

  10. Why is it that people put a finger on one nostril and just blow snot out all over the place. Disgusting habit have tissues with you. If I ever did that my parents would kick the crap out of us. Yeah. That was a long time ago.

  11. Chinese. Eating everything. Cut them off from the rest of the world. So how is that liberal changy thing treating you now?

  12. 💥 FYI – Lab Corp Headqtrs. (336)584-5171. Any Health Care Provider with a Lab Corp account can order the patient testing materials for CovID-19 online on Lab Corp's website. The CovID-19 testing code number is 139900. The swabs arrive in an orange topped tube. After specimen collection by a "medical professional", the swab handle portion needs to be cut down a bit, so that it can fit into the purple topped VTM viral transport tube. Specimens need to be refrigerated and are good for up to 72 hours, however, freezing is preferred. Pricing for the test is yet to be determined, however Lab Corp. Is accepting samples and they ARE currently being processed (typically 2-3 days).

    If health care providers throughout the country immediately ordered Lab Corp testing materials we can start getting everyone with symptoms tested. The CDC's lab capacity is insufficient! It's time to by pass the CDC and use private labs to get testing done RIGHT NOW!!!

  13. Please many big cruise ships are trying to stop in Ibiza island next month to avoid italian ports. Please help us we have a very small hospital here, just one.

  14. Who has money 💰 to buy supplies for quarantining on fixed income and barely making it from paycheck to paycheck???????

  15. @40:35. for Dr Van Kerkhove and Dr Ryan. taking this seriously from the start. conatct tracing&testing. isolation&treatmemt. each individual to protect themselves. by doing that they're preventing onward transmission. what we have seen from countries, there are what works. if we did not have the experience of Korea, Singapore, China. chance to bend the curve, to blunt the curve. contact tracing involves interrupting the lives of a small portion of the population but that is less than social distancing, lockdown areas, cancelling sporting religious events, closing schools, which one is more costly?. teams in Congo were doing contact tracing under fire. move on to a comprehensive strategies for it's control. do everything that you can to be as aggressive as you can for this early cases. HELP ME, I don't know where to begin… this virus was put into global view Jan2020, you named it Feb 11, 2020. it's 2020, almost everyone has internet and you have the world leaders contacts as well as the United Nation, you should have taken the lead on this and said at least some of the things that uou are saying now, instead, you are like a bystander just stating the obvious with graphs and numbers and data collection. this is not a game of statistics, those are real people on each one of those number as well as those who were ommitted. hygiene wash hands and cough sneeze etiquette? its March 11, 30days from Jan 2020??? your vrey definition as World Health Organization looses it's meaning if you says each country is doing this and that and some works and some I don't know ehat their doing, they are draconian, and after af few weeks you say we can learn a lot from them doesn't make sense. contact tracing should be done and now its gotten out of control, lets do social distancing, seriously??? if this is important to you, you could have urged all countries including China to halt all air/sea travel and to trace everyone that came from the epicenter and self quarantine and monitor. instead you just watched as each country did their thing like a lab experiment without any accountability. Congo is 81+million people, you are WORLD health organization, thats 7.7+BILLION PEOPLE! do everything YOU can to be as aggressive as YOU can for this early cases… I don't even know where to start on this. YOU.. SHOULD STOP REFEREING TO COUNTRIES AS SEPERATE ENTITIES, virus has no borders, each has different solutions, those are just convenient alibies. the fact is that you failed to control the narrantive and bring the WORLD together instead you just stood back and watched what everyone did on their own and pointed out the obvious. MOVING FORWARD??? you have to stop this phrase, you can't do that if the issue has not been resolved. it just becomeas a convenient alibi for ignorant and arrogant people. please do not wait for a more deadly outbreak to learn your lesson, then, not only YOU have failed but all of humanity.

  16. Tired of being lied to by the deepstate criminals that are in our
    government and run the federal reserve? Lets all vote for Qanon to help
    the people of the world being subjugated by these corrupt politicians
    that are pushing the agenda to corrupt, weaken and sicken us with their
    vaccines and 5G

  17. Tired of being lied to by the deepstate criminals that are in our
    government and run the federal reserve? Lets all vote for Qanon to help
    the people of the world being subjugated by these corrupt politicians
    that are pushing the agenda to corrupt, weaken and sicken us with their
    vaccines and 5G


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