World Famous Cabaret Tropicana of Havana Cuba


The cabaret show at Club Tropicana in Havana, Cuba, is arguably one of the most famous shows of its type in the world. With energy-filled latin music, singing, dancing, colourful costumes and acrobatics the Cabaret Tropicana in Havana is a unique experience. This video features highlights from the cabaret show, filmed in December 2017 during a cruise ship visit to Cuba.
Don’t miss the girl dancing in the audience near the end!
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  1. Kilka dni temu miałam
    zaszczyt zobaczyć na żywo wydarzenie taneczno-muzyczne i polecam wszystkim 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. Looks tired and draggy.  Music so slow motion.Probably in 1955, during its heyday, it really was lively and energetic.  Casino and people dressed to the nines.  Much better food and wines.Progress through communism…..

  3. Hi David I really like your video. I am making a music video on a song I composed called Spy Vs Spy. My dad is the creator of the cartoons He is from Cuba.There is a segment in the song that goes to Cuba, May I use a few clips from your footage for the video? I will credit you. Thank You Susana Prohias

  4. I'd wanted to see the team RCT3 add some 30 minute-long attractions! I wonder how peeps would react to the programs! 😉


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