Working with Android BroadcastReceiver


This video gives you the basic theoretical concepts about android BroadcastReceiver. From this presentation we can learn about how to receive a broadcast through manifest declared and context registered receivers. Also we can learn about how to create a custom broadcast.
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  1. If reading the words out loud from text is what you meant by teaching then kudos to your video, because i think you didn't explain a single thing.

  2. Hello Sir.. I have almost finish all your tutorials based on android App Development … And your Tuts are very nice…
    Would you please upload tuts based on real life project so that we can get chance to develop our project knowledge with you..

  3. Sir can we send messages to server throughout android app automatically after every particular period of time?
    If so can u help me out?

  4. блин дошло русские смотрят индусов и индусы показвают как работать с техникой.

  5. sir your tutorials are great can you create a chat application using FCM that would be really helpful for the developer s thank you


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