Winaero Tweaker – The Ultimate Windows 10 Customization Tool (Overview & Demo)


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Today we’re gonna be exploring Winaero Tweaker! This program allows you to customize a plethora of things in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It’s similar to TweakUI in Windows XP, just with a lot more options.

Winaero Tweaker:
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  1. I don't think I've ever had so much fun watching a video about Windows lol

    I'm extremely excited to try this out myself, I love making little tweaks to Windows, it makes things feel much more personalized. Thanks for the video!

  2. The startup sound doesn't seem to play consistently…. I usually only ever hear it after restarting Windows, and never when I shutdown, then boot Windows. (This is by enabling it in Sounds).
    I remember at one point, I setup a task that would play the startup sound at login, but it was heavily delayed.

  3. how can i disable the screen that shows me to put a pin in please , so my computer just comes on to use

  4. This the perfect app ever!!!
    I am a windows 7 user thx to this program ein 10 can just be like windows 7 wich is what i want i can upgrade now finaly 😃

  5. does this application affect the performance of the pc negatively and does it cause problems with major windows update ?

  6. michael i might purches winaero tweaker the ultimate windows 10 customization tool it looks real good ive justed purchest windows 10 pro ive not installed windows 10 pro yet

  7. Winaero Tweaker is great!!! Thanks Michael!! Also, you can activate the start sound in Windows 10!! I'ts the same like Windows 7!.
    You can change the start sound in Windows with this program, adding another different sound.

  8. It's really too bad that Software companies didn't use the WEI as Microsoft planned. It would have made picking out software so much easier. Need to know if a game will run on your PC? Game requires a WEI of 6.8, and if your PC has a minimum of 6.8, you can run it. Easy.
    My PC has an WEI of 8.55 low and 9.9 high.

  9. Awesome video!! You could cover all the tweaks thoroughly in a series of videos. e.g. 5 pages of the Tweaker in every video – maybe 1 video on a few settings in Winaero Tweaker every week. Because Windows has decades old history and many people are not familiar with some of the amazing things/tweaks possible which Microsoft does not expose in the UI. They will like "Oohh I never knew this was possible." 😆

  10. Love this video. Would really like to get old animated rainbow pointer – it was in one of the ancient plus packs. Any ideas?

  11. i find that it makes the scroll bar much easier to use when using my pc from the sofa or for when mom is using the computer.

  12. Hi. I have problem with context menu. After pressing RMB I don't have NVIDIA Settings and I don't have option to create new folders. Someone toldme to use Winareo Tweaker but I don't know how to fix this problem. Can you help me??


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