Why Warzone Battle Royale Is A Big Move For Call Of Duty


With Modern Warfare’s standalone free-to-play game, Warzone, Activision is pushing deeper into the battle royale space, and the impact for Activision could be massive. Not only that, but if successful, Warzone could potentially impact and influence the entire video game industry.

In a new video, Eddie Makuch looks into how Activision is trying to have its cake and eat it too with Warzone. Activision will continue to release big new Call of Duty games that it charges $60 for every year, on top of making even more money from Warzone (and this is to say nothing of the huge amount of money that Call of Duty: Mobile brings in every month).

But some questions remain. If Warzone sparks fire and catches on, is Activision running the risk of cannibalizing future Call of Duty games? Will Warzone’s free-to-play label change how fans view the franchise? Will Activision release a new battle royale game for the franchise’s yearly instalments? Check out the full video above to learn more about the situation.



  1. Dogshit mode. They managed to fuck it up. Blackout shits on warzone. As someone who consistently finishes top 7, only positive I have about this game is the map. So many things need tweaked or taken out in general. Health Regen, headshots, armor, and gulag are the major complaints I have and heard from others. Leave it to the Devs to drop the ball once again

  2. Apparently Activision didn't learn its lesson from black Ops 4!!! But Hey,let's See what happens with this Bullshit havin Ass Game!!!👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 Chances are it won't sell as good as its competitors,like Fortnite and Apex Legend's as well as PUBG!!! On tha real!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  3. Will it have console cross play? If so I’ll play it over fortnite so I can play with my Xbox friends… seriously fuck fortnite lol

  4. Another thing they could do? Separate Zombies mode into a standalone game, for some of us that's all we want. Have dedicated Zombies studio, and make the prices lower due to the split.

  5. "Delivering what fans have been asking for, a multiplayer only COD release." Didn't they do that with the game before and if I recall correctly, it was absolutely shit. Can't see any BIG moves here besides following the same footsteps from other games

  6. New game mode is fantastic. Very fun gameplay and plenty of ways to get back into the fight. Plunder is also really good. Tough

  7. As a battlefield series fan I'm impressed with this br mode, really good move from activion. Good and fun as hell.
    Dice take notes!
    See publishers, when you listen to your fan base this is the result!!!! (a good game came out 👍), was that so difficult?!
    Keep it up. Ratatatata!!!!!!🔫🔫🔫

  8. People will play it because it's free and it's COD which is a well known franchise. As for Activision it's a win-win, they get their regular COD releases with special editions, season passes and whatever monetization scheme they want to put in AND a regular revenue stream from microtransactions in free COD. The question is how badly this will affect the gaming industry if it succeeds, and how much will this screw over all the other genres of games once other big publishers pick up on the idea and would want their own peace of this cake… Because lets face it it's gonna happen

  9. Big move in the wrong direction… 😓 COD should be fast pace, not large scale battles that have been done in other games better.

  10. bruh this is the same fucking vid I just watched except u dubbed it with your own commentary and watermark at the end…

  11. What I dont get is this warzone cod will be obsolete and everyone will forget about once the new cod comes out later this year… I wish activision would let each cod game have breathing room for at least 2 years instead of 1… but warzone just came out… so itll be less than a year before that game becomes obsolete when the new cod releases this year


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