What the 1% Don't Want You to Know


Economist Paul Krugman explains how the United States is becoming an oligarchy – the very system our founders revolted against.

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  1. 1% donate to arts in this country, hospitals,universities united health, and churches. Am sure they contribute more than we see . Such a delicate subject pointing fingers or being genuinely irritated at the situation does little to correct it.

  2. There is a saying if you divided all the wealth in the world equally it will eventually wind up back in the same hands. That's probably true. Most people would spend it and be broke within a year or two, and the ones who invest it are still giving it back to the corporations.

  3. Life, liberty, and the PURSUIT “happiness”

    You pursue happiness until you die.

    you can never be ultimately happy

    Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness

    And it should be a balance between the two.

    It should have been

    “life, liberty, and the pursuit of balance”

    Left, right
    Liberal, conservative
    Hot, cold
    Rich, poor

    They all have their pros and cons


  4. Going to post-secondary school to get a career that pays better didn't work. Go to a labor union, and they tell you their books are closed, and they are not taking new members but if your parent is a member then they will add you to the role next in line below them. Pass a trade course with honors and apply to a trade union because there is work coming soon and pass the union's test and never hear from them again.

  5. So what if the corporations and CEO's make a ton of money. They create the jobs I work on. The ways and means of making a good living as a carpenter. Moyers is full of hot air. He works for a corporation, a publicly owned one at that. He has never had to work hard 40-50 hrs a week. He is soft, and can only complain and present a bunch of out of context statistics. Plus, he is a millionaire… and a hypocrite.

  6. 1% are the elites or the Fed,
    40 per cent wealth that hold and control the economy, see the animation film of American Dream.

  7. "Drifting toward oligarchy" is a severe understatement about the United States. Sadly, the United States has become a fascist state controlled by a tiny few oligarchs. Most Americans have no voice in the making of public policy, while many are still fighting to be permitted to vote on the few choices the oligarchs permit to be determined by elections. It's unbelievable that economists like Mr. Krugman needed someone else to point out the vast horrific inhumane state of this nation's economic structure and institutions. I wish I could summarize my life story for him, just as an example of how those of us who are exploited on race and class are forced to live. We literally have no civil or legal rights that are enforcible. Have you taken a look at U. S. Juvenile Justice??? It must rank among the top 5 greatest of man's inhumanities to man. It takes exploitation on race & class to the highest level. After all, lawyers and police must have someone to live off of, why not black children with emotional/behavioral problems?? I am encouraged to see Mr. Krugman appear to be startled and genuinely concerned, and even remorseful for the nation. Maybe he will continue to help inform others as he has done here, as opposed to showing up on cable media and speaking as if all is well with the economy and everyone is doing great.

  8. Ray Dalio is calling for social unrest in the next downturn, extremely exacerbated by the wealth differential. The 1% is. Very Afraid.

  9. I was taught methods of the 0.1% regardless of the standing, class, or position I'm in. From this formula W = P – M.

  10. Jesus Christ was a Carpenter, right? He had NO house, only the clothing on his back and little else. He was and is the Son of Man and the Son of God.

    We'll all have our "cake" in the end,….if we put our trust and hope in Jesus Christ. 90 years goes by in an "eye blink"…it's not even worth worrying about. I'm living for what comes after this "ridiculous world"….you?

    Find Jesus,…find peace, rich poor, etc. Period.

  11. Paul Krugman is an agent of the bankers to spread their keynesian theory of economics which is to spend … and spend until people are buried in debt. The only people progressing and making a lot of money practicing this theory are the bankers and their cronies.

  12. Its becoming an oligarchy, because the rich are always buying privileges from politicians. There are two ways of solving this:
    – Abolish all private property and starve to death in a gulag
    – Abolish government/socialist distribution and become a free people again.
    Read Ludwig von Mises

  13. Thomas Sowell: 56% of Americans at least once in their life belong to the top 1%, and majority of them who have been in the top 1% are there only for 1 year, and another 13% are there only for 2 years. Do Thomas Piketty and Paul Krugman know that? Do they understand why?
    I think they do, but pretending stupid gives them chance to show their superior virtue and wisdom. Nowadays intellectual´s dishonesty is seen as virtuous.

  14. It's all great mr. Krugman and I am an admirer of your work which was part of my own education as an economist in Copenhagen. The sad fact though is that even traditionally egalitarian societies like the Scandinavians are all aspiring to be more like the US. Particularly when it comes to "redistribution" through inheritance tax. They will succeed in achieving this precisely because the populations in these countries are not homogeneous any longer. This justifies the scale back of redistribution, according to current political trends.

  15. What about the warrs created by the 2% ritch to benifit their wealth in minipulate celling guns. Wepons of mass destrucktion. Are they gonna pay back our losses.

  16. No deals in heaven or hell, money, riches are mute. What did the super elite do for their fellow man, the poor, homeless, sick this is what the super rich will what be judged on.

  17. More evident today we are now an Oligarchy. Our fledging Democracy is in its last few breaths of life. Corporate Socialism.

  18. What happen to talk on campaign reform. This is the front of our broken system. We need to realize untill this is fix nothing will get fixed.

  19. The hate for tbe RICH are obvious with your audience…GOD loves the wealthy and the poor..but the wealthy NEED TO BE responsible , fair HONEST and JUST Leaders.The Poor people need to be hardworking, grateful and faithful to their spouses, children,family's, kind to once neighbor , but most important ,THANK GOD who loves us.GOD BLESS.

  20. Instead of taxing low income earners the tax that they would have paid should be given in food stamps energy bill stamps back to them

  21. The 1 percent in America is not the
    World contollers.300 Super rich from Europe. Control the world.
    Control every law maker, that's the problem. That's why we will always
    Get poorer.


  23. this is the problem you get when money is your god, the love of money above your fellow man is your curse! live with it while you can.

  24. Is this 'their piece of the pie growing year after year' a consequence of the magic of compound interest?

    The kind of advise given to highschool and college students.


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