WHAT IT TAKES: Episode 1 – 'One of the boys'


Annemiek joins the men’s team at our infamous January camp – 10 days, back-to-back 200km rides, point-to-point.

Start to get an insight into the mind of the world champion and what she is willing to put herself through to be the best.


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  1. She didn't get the rainbow stripes by accident or luck. A 100+k solo to win a world championship was impossible – well, until she did it. She has a very natural and beautiful pedal stroke and excellent positioning – male or female.

  2. watching her ride away from the whole field in the WC's that was just dodgy. I really wonder if she isn't putting some special sauce in her recovery drinks.

  3. Wow!! Annemiek is really showing us what happens if you break down those barriers of assumptions. So impressed by her and proud of what she represents. Cannot wait to see what she will show us in the future!

  4. Awesome behind the scenes story of MTS in what it takes to be a world champion. Great insights into the team and Annamiek herself. Simply outstanding 👍

  5. Well done Mitchelton. You've handle a pointlessly delicate subject very well. Great video and good to see both sides getting on well

  6. AvV is awesome. Love what she is doing for women's cycling, Chapeau to the MTS team for their leadership in this. This was classy

  7. Prachtige reportaage van onze trots Annemiek! Wat een fenomeen! En Mitchelton Scott lijkt me ook echt een prachtige ploeg! Mooi om te zien!

  8. Simply the best of women's bike racers. attitude and dedication to her sport . All the respect and more deserved. Thanks Mithelton Scott for the same dedication in both teams and to your fans. Kudos !

  9. Major, major Respect for Annemiek. In our podcast Velofilie we try to show the love for her excellent sportmentality, ability and sportsmanship!
    Thanks MST and Vleuty for this awesome and inspiring video.
    Significant: Most looking forward riding a year long in her 🌈 jersey
    Epic quote that really tells all:
    "The human body can stand so much. Here's just a little bit more!"

  10. who are the four people that did not like this? What could possibly be wrong with your life that you would watch this and spend the energy clicking an "i dont like this" icon. sheesh. I dont think there has ever ever ever been a more deserving and inspirational champion of the world than Annemiek. she put me back on the bike and every day presses on for more for better. a superhero.

  11. What an inspiration Annemiek is; to ALL cyclists! Real guts, determination and always with a smile: Amazing! All the best for the 2020 season, Annemiek. BTW, I saw you totally smash the Strade Bianche in Sienna, last year! Same again this year?? Thanks to the M-S team for uploading :-))

  12. I'm so happy AMvV chose to ride for MS… Does anyone know why she chose to ride for MS? …Im sure there were some Dutch teams keen to sign her… What an amazing little battler she is and we definetly should get her naturalised as soon as possible… It awesome to hear her using Aussie coloqulisms like "smashed" God bless her little Dutch soul. And the benefit the girls must get from having her on team is like gold… Bet you a few of the boys were nervous having her there on the climb

  13. Wow. She really is setting her standards high! So cool. Was the reason why she joined the mens camp because her flight to the women's team was cancelled?


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