What is Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew?


Starbucks new Nitro Cold Brew is taking Cold Brew to a whole new level. The nitrogen infusion enhances our Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee’s naturally sweet flavor, creating a smooth and creamy taste.

Learn what makes Nitro Cold Brew so special:

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  1. I demand a list of stores that have nitro machines, so called list was removed from blog or site. Furthermore coffee is too bitter as usual the roast is too dark to mask flavor of the inferior beans Starbucks uses, but I spite of this nitrogen coffee is truly awesome.

  2. How do I find out what Starbucks locations have or are going to have this?? Is there a list? If there is can you please give me the link?

  3. If it doesn't run out I'm on board. seems like no starbucks can keep regular cold brew, past 10am it's gone. I would love a place to get this all the time. the only shop that does this is too far for a daily trip for me.

  4. Is Mackenzie the new face of Starbucks? If not SHE SHOULD BE. Seriously. Smart, funny, an actual Starbucks Partner. Perfect package.


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