Week Of Amber Heard Updates: Elon's Black eye, Johnny's Case Adjourned & His "Incriminating" Texts


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somewhere I said he cut his ring finger, I was confused lol. meant middle. although every finger is technically a ring finger for JD

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  1. Who is this guy? This’s the kind of things I’d think but would never say in public (most times). Sh*t is hilarious, Lol ! 😂 Kitty cat ears… wth… TY for covering this.

  2. Dude I woke up with so much anxiety this at 1 AM. I’ve been cracking up the whole time. Laughing out loud- literally. It’s so funny how I feel like a completely see your facial expression’s. This whole video was genius and a welcome laugh in the middle of this as you so eloquently put it corona fucking virus. Be well my friend

  3. There's rumor and partial fact that Elon Musk and Amber Heard were having an affair while she was still with Johnny.

  4. I just finished binge watching all your Amber videos and omg the funniest shit I've seen. I'm now gonna watch your other videos too. I love your random rampages and long intros by the way . Keep doing what you're doing, you are the most entertaining guy on YouTube

  5. This ridiculous clown show needs to end. Amber needs to be cancelled as a violent abuser that she is and Johnny needs to be back shining again!! Its clear as a daylight – everybody can see it!

  6. She's hot so I get it, but then all the bat shit crazy came out. Then the booze and drugs, went down way quicker. F*** Amber Heard.

  7. It is pretty typical that it be used people in relationships cover up the abuse.
    The shame in being abused cripples many people, and it often stops them from leaving.

  8. It pissed me off when Scamber Heard’s attorney said that Johnny is a coward for not going out in the midst of coronavirus.
    He is being responsible.
    And why is it that whenever Scamber walks her dog with her new lover, there just happens to be paparazzi there?
    I live in the same city as Amber and Johnny, and I don’t see paparazzi around every time I leave the house.

  9. "Amber" will bring the herds…(see what I did there?..sorry) & your personality will keep them wrangled. Keep it up! ❤ 🦄 Sending my channel appreciation from imposed isolation in Baltimore!

  10. Darth can you make a video of the text messages between Johnny Depp and Ambers Parents!! Look on incredible Average's youtube page.

  11. Never realized how much those ears are a necessity now. As a new viewer I must express that the cat ears makes you extremely cute, will cook 4 u if needed.

  12. Me too. I know Johnny is telling the truth because I was in the same situation myself and I recognize many of the same personality traits and demeanour that I see in Amber in my ex and vice versa.

  13. Thanks so much for your videos! I love your train of thought is really similar to mine and that makes complete sense!!! I'm just wondering why some people are so blind to the truth…?!?

  14. Abuse victims will often make up stories of how they sustained injuries often lying to family friends and authorities because they love the person and don’t want to see them get into trouble as well as being manipulated into believing no one will believe them we need to help them

  15. But I am also side eying Musk for hooking up with Amber whilst she was with Jonny AT Jonny 's house, c'amon man….
    Maybe she should stick to woman.

  16. He stated in his declaration last year that he lied to his doctor to protect Amber. He also told a child that he bit it off because he was hungry.

  17. oh also, iv learned that youtube is reviewing videos by AI from now on… and thats why more videos might be claimed now on…

  18. Darth, watching you has nothing to do with amber freaking heard, who i hate by the way.
    You're very entertaining to me. Keep being you😍😚👄💘

  19. And now Johnny's being called a coward for isolating.. His son, Jack, is ill so he has been waiting for his Hollywood Vampires tour to end to go to southern France… Thanks to Covid-19 the tour has been cancelled and now France has been locked down so due to flight bans HE CAN'T travel… Now #amberTurd and her shitty lawyers are labeling him as a coward… Like wtf is wrong with these people….

  20. I maintain to this day that Elon should have launched psycho Amber into hyperspace. Just wake up one day, put her doped up ass on one of those unmanned, no-return rocket launches and…Bye -bye!
    I don't think too many people would be bothered by her sudden disappearance and I actually believe it would reduce global warming by a good 20-30%.

  21. Darth, you have found a LARGE group of people who have and always will be fans of Johnny who knew AH was a gold digging C right from the get-go.

  22. I know you probably hate doing these videos but we love hearing you talk shit about her. I watch all of your videos because I enjoy them, but if I see a amber turd video I click to see you bitch about her and I love it. You’re the best darth

  23. I think it's for the best that the court got adjourned. Justice will be served sooner or later. Let's just hope that everyone stays safe during this global crisis (Except Amber, of course). At least Johnny has his own island, so hopefully he won't be effected as much by the virus.


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