Using the Bootstrap 4 Grid | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL


The grid is one of the core assets of Bootstrap 4 – time to take a closer look and understand how you may use it!
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  1. But what if you put bootstrap “cards” into the columns? That seems to destroy the responsiveness and it’s either maximum across on a large screen, but only one across (all cards vertically stacked) on any other size screen. The cards seem to completely override the responsive css.

  2. Thank you, I was having a hard time making my site responsive with css flex and grid, so to make things faster I decided to use bootstrap, but got lost on how to use it, now i finally started getting some very cool results thank you so much

  3. how you do that with .container you just type that and you get the hole thing?
    What kind of buttons I need to use? Help

  4. great videos. is there a way to chanhe flex flow to vertical so that it fills a few items down a column, then continues from the top of the next column? i have a dropdpwnmenu panel i want to fill that way for subcategories. possible? thanks in advance

  5. THE THING IS: How to add custom width to the columns? I.e. col-2.3 + col-3.8 + col-5.9 (otherwise you have to compromise on the look of the design) ANYONE?

  6. GREAT content! Are you German by any chance? I am trying to make out what kind of accent you have. (I am only asking. I understand you perfectly fine)

  7. Good explanation on the col-md/ col-xs / col-lg part 🙂 been researching myself but still going nowhere until I saw this video. Nice !

  8. Thank you I am so glad I found you.. I've watched so many youtubes trying to get back into making my own web and forgot a few things plus there is a lot of new stuff since I last tried.. but I could not understand the other people trying to teach, or the videos were unwatchable.. You are great so easy to understand and I can actually read what is on the screen.

  9. Very nicely done. If I may, would it be possible to see actual text and jpeg in the actual positions of this lesson. The skeletal is conventional, but it would impact great, I think, with actual material. Thanks really good video.

  10. Yes! One of the best guides for a total starter in bootstrap like me! I made this whole site and my boss (im an intern) told me to rewrite the whole positioning in bootstrap and this is gonna help loads!


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