Using Adobe Bridge to Organize Digital Photos


A practical tutorial created by a real mama who uses Adobe Bridge to view, organize, select and rename favorite images for family yearbooks and albums. Get a peek behind the scenes my system for using Adobe Bridge to organize my digital images quickly and efficiently.

Skip ahead to what you need:

– Background on Adobe (0 – 30s)
– Why Photo organizing is important (45s – 1:10)
– How I set up my Adobe Bridge Dashboard (1:30-1:54)
– How I save and organize my files (2:05-2:35)
– How I name my files (2:40-3:35)
– How I select favorites, using the star filter (4:04-5:05)
– Adding and Using Collections to Sorting Images (5:10-5:45)
– Warning about deleting vs. removing from collection (6:00-6:54)
– How I culled and sorted photos from 1 year in under an hour (7:00-7:55)
– Locating organized files on hard drive (8:10-8:20)
– Batch Renaming files (8:20-10:00)
– Loading your images to your preferred album design company (11:15-11:58)


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  1. Wow! Thank you sooo much! Every time I open up Bridge, I don't where to start and close it right back up. Now i see you can use collections like in Lightroom.. and it just blew my mind! I use the whole Adobe suite with 10+ harddrives.. and memorization is not getting any better. All the tutorials online are so long.. I'm glad you got to the point of exactly what I needed!

  2. Thank you for your video on the latest version of Bridge. I currently have Photoshop CC 2019 & Photoshop 2020 running. When I try to up load photos to Photoshop 2020 Bridge sends them to Photoshop CC 2019 as the default. Can you please advise on how to change the default to Photoshop 2020. I need to keep CC 2019 running for the moment

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your organization! I've been so sick of just organizing through windows for years and needed a better way. Your explanation made total sense. Downloading Bridge now!

  4. A much better way of naming files would be yearmonthdate, so the day you made this video would be 20190219. This sorts correctly on the computer and is easy to read once you start using it. Thanks for sharing your efforts!

  5. Dear lord! Your idea is great, but you need to get to the point. You're still jiggeling arround at 7:45. Not a bad idea. I support your effort, but you need to get more effective delivering the message.


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