Update your 3D printer firmware without a bootloader!


I also explain how to burn a bootloader to a 3D Printer that doesn’t have one yet. But really, you might not even need one!
Use a USBtinyISP as a programmer or re-purpose an Arduino board you might already have to upload anything even to mainboards that do not come with a bootloader installed.

USBtinyISP drivers (Windows)

Get a USBtinyISP
Aliexpress (get one with the cables)

Cheap Arduino boards
Arduino Nano
Arduino Uno

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  1. I am even more confused on how to upload the firmware. i get to a point where I think that I am understanding this stuff and then I come across info that just creates more questions. I updated My 2011 mac book pro following the step by iFixit. That was very easy to follow even thought there were multiple steps to perform. I wish someone would put together a set of instructions like iFixit. They have the steps, pic the whole thing.

  2. How do I know whether or not I have a boot-loader on my board? I am currently using the Anet A8 with original main board. Thanks in advance for help.

  3. I'm having the following error trying to burn bootloader to Atmega 2560 using a USBtinyISP. Can anyone share some help.

    avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x3e000

    0xff != 0x0d

    avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

    Error while burning bootloader.

  4. Thank you for the info. After listening to various other 3d gurus who's advice does not work on the creality cr10 s5, This is the answer.

  5. Why is the text on the Arduino board screen always a light gray so it's so hard to read?!?!?! The only way I can read it is by highlighting a section at a time.

  6. In the last video you said you were going to do several videos to go into all the settings…. that was a year+ ago… WHERE IS IT! You've left many of us 'hanging' waiting for that information. (I've checked you channel's list of videos and nothing is there!)

  7. Hello, I hope it is the right place for this question.

    I have a BIQU Kossell PLUS printer with BIGTREETECH GEN V1.0 card, 2 weeks asking for help and BIQU do not answer my emails, I wrote on Facebook and they only question me in a bad way and do not send me the information I request, their official website does not It even has the download links, a disaster, a terrible service, very bad treatment to its customers.

    Unfortunately, my card came with a short in the port of the 0 hotel, I live in Mexico and there is no guarantee, I started studying Marlin to try to get out of this problem, I tried to change the ports between Hotends 0 and 1 without success in the file pins_RAMPS.h.

    I managed to exchange the fan port (digital 9) with that of the extruder resistor (digital 10) losing the possibility of controlling the fan.

    I hope someone has the pinout of the card or knows how to activate the extruder 1, according to what I have read is the digital port 7 but apparently the change is not so simple.

    For what I had to experiment with BIQU, I will never buy anything from your brand and much less recommend them.

  8. could you tell me if I need a boot loader ?? I got CR10S is this build in ?? because I wanna add BT-touch on my printer and I dont have any of those boards I would like just add Hex file onto sd card too firmware just make it easyer for me last time I did the Marlin firmware before but I went back too stock firmware on cr10s but now its hard for me doing this firmware

  9. That was easy to understand and filled with the necessary Information to make an informed decision.
    Thank You 🙂

  10. Hi, I had a problem with the srk v1.1 pro board, and I need to get the bootloader, do you have any idea where I could get it?

    If I have another equal board, is it possible to clone it to the one I lost through ST-Link v2?

  11. My Arduino IDE does not recognize this USBtinyISP from AliExpress (PORT under Tools is grayed out). I tried Adafruit drivers, Arduino drivers, Zadig drivers, nothing works. Also unable to "Upload using programmer" or "Burn the bootloader". Any suggestions?

  12. Hi. Thank you very much for the video.
    I'm trying to get my 3D printer to work without being connected to the PC. I need to upload the codes to my Arduino Mega board and after that just get the printer working only by clicking a button. Can you explain to me weather or not it can be done and how to do that?

  13. Thomas – thank you so very much for everything you contribute to the COMMUNITY. It's folks like you who make it just that, a community.

  14. Yeah well last question.. how do I check for bootloader presence on Arduino/3D printer board? It might help diagnosing problems..

  15. Stop! Only 1/2 way through the video. You have explained things soooo much better than anyone else. OK. Now to finish the video. TY in advance!

  16. Danke für das Video, nach mehreren Stunden rumprobieren und surfen auf dein Video gestoßen und das hat dann zum Erfolg geführt. Knoten im Kopf gelöst:). Danke!

  17. Hi Thomas. I have a Melzi2.0_V5 Tronxy board. I did everything possible, but I couldn't burn the bootloader. I tried to use USBTinyISP but figured out it doesn't work with Atmega1284p chips. Tried Arduino UNO as an ISP programmer. No result. here there is an example of error.

    Arduino: 1.8.9 (Mac OS X), Board: "Sanguino, ATmega1284 or ATmega1284P (16 MHz)"

    avrdude: stk500_getparm(): (a) protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x14

    avrdude: stk500_getparm(): (a) protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x01
    avrdude: stk500_initialize(): (a) protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x10
    avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1
    Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
    this check.

    avrdude: stk500_disable(): unknown response=0x12
    Error while burning bootloader.

    Now it's dead, from the software point of view. Would you please help me to do something to bring this board alive.

  18. Hahaha, well my Ender 3 or CR-10 whatever it's called at this point doesnt actually have the pins for flashing the firmware screams internally alright imma take this into my 3D print shop and have them save me

  19. That Ender in the background taunts me. The bed is a bit off and still won't quite level right even after I upgraded the flimsy springs. Maybe I didn't get the vertical limiting switch just right. Who knows… I still managed to get it level enough to print a few upgrade parts, but it wasn't easy and kept having to be adjusted between sessions.
    To deal with that, I got an auto-level sensor for it, only to realize that I have to update the firmware, so it'll actually work. That's my fault for not thinking about that part of things.
    Then, I find out I can't just plug in a USB to the port and update the firmware, so I get an arduino kit. Now, before I can begin, I find this video showing me a cheaper alternative, one I could probably just probably integrate into the printer.

    This thing has really been an interesting experience…

  20. I've successfully done this on an ender 3 with the USBtinyISP. What I've learned is 1. The ribbon cable orientation should be the cable touching the wall of the case. 2. I had to cut off some plastic from both the usbtiny cable and the ender 3 screen input on the board to allow the cable to fit. 3. Load the bootloader and disconnect do not try and load the firmware through the tinyusbisp. Connect your laptop to the ender with usb to mini-b type cable (I found at goodwill for 99 cents) and change to com3 then load the firmware. And you're all set.


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