Understanding how the columns work in Bootstrap using Bootstrap Studio


This video helps you to understand how the columns work in Bootstrap using Bootstrap Studio to help me explain. You see what changes for the different break points. It gives you a simple explanation with examples.

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You can get Bootstrap Stuido here

You can get the latest version of Bootstrap from here

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  1. Good Job, I am learning a lot from your videos. Can you upload HIGHER quality videos of at least 720p, because the words on the app or code (even though you point to them) look blurry.

  2. Hey thanks for the video. can you also explain us on how PUSH and PULL works in bootstrap studio. Thanks in Advance.

  3. hi Paul, Can you make videos making animations in the MenuBar, navigation Bar, logo Brand Animation, thanks man nices videos

  4. Hey! How can i make a contact form in bootstrap studio? Got stuck.. -How can i get the message goes to my mail?

    Keep up the good work. Cheers

  5. Awesome explanation Paul, Thanks so much for your time and effort. I heard it's best to always put rows inside a container or add a container before doing anything else, do you think that was good advice?


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