Unboxing BTS (Bangtan Boys) 방탄소년단 2nd Studio Album WINGS (All Versions!)


Picture of the poster can be seen on my twitter:
The memory card split the video just as I was saying bye, so made it just in time!

Unboxing/Review of BTS (Bangtan Boys) / 방탄소년단 / 防彈少年團 Second Full Length Korean Studio Album (Vol.2) WINGS (All W, I, N & G Editions).
Bought from YP Books at COEX in Korea.
The Album comes with a CD, Photobook and a randomly selected Polaroid.

Tracks on the CD:
1. Intro : Boy Meets Evil
2. 피 땀 눈물
3. Begin
4. Lie
5. Stigma
6. First Love
7. Reflection
9, Awake
10. Lost
11. BTS Cypher 4
12. Am I Wrong
13. 21세기 소녀
14. 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를)
15. Interlude : Wings


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  1. Y’all annoyed over the cover while I’m over here more annoyed that the photo I got won’t fit in my phone case because I finally got my bias-

  2. Okay so people are really complaining about the photo book? I’m honestly disappointed in the people who have done so… We should be thankful we even get a photo book, bts works very hard on all their albums, put so so so much of their time into each and every song, and yet there are people complaining about the photo book. With every album we get the photo book, a photo card, and of course the actual cd itself ( some other items too depending on the album and if you preordered or not. ) which we should be very thankful for considering that they could’ve just done just a cd something that many western artists do ( I mean look at Ari’s thank you next album, literally just the cd and outside packing. No hate to her though, you get your bread girl. ) but yet they take the time to also do photo shoots and give us these photo cards and photo books. Plus buying the album should be to support bts and their music so please, before you go on complaining about the album’s photo book, remember why you bought the album in the first place.

  3. People are really disappointed.
    Yes, there are many blank pages.
    It’s cheap, 15 dollars for 15 songs, plus the photo book, and card.
    what about american artists?

  4. I don’t like how each version focuses on specific members. I’m glad that the rest of their albums has each version having a different photo shoot and focusing on all members. I don’t like the idea of choosing an album because it focuses on your bias plus it makes it expensive for Army who love 💗 them all equally. I’m choosing N because I like Suga’s photo shoot.

  5. This video is about there albums.While me,I can’t even by their army bomb.Well Iam about to have one.So happy.😁.Tip:Save for the ARMY bomb.Mine is very pricey.It’s 2,940 it already has the shipping fee.That’s why my wallet is crying.

  6. Guys I'm new so would anyone like to tell what is in the CD pls includeing the map of the soul persona album what is in the CD is it some kind of I don't know and are all the CDs same in all the versions


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