Trump impeachment trial: Day 1


Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial begins in earnest on January 21st.

Republicans and Democrats are expected to deal with the organizing resolution to determine the rules of the trial ahead of opening statements.

You can watch full live coverage of the trial starting at 1pm ET/10am PT

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  1. The only real crime if any is the misappropriation of funds. These are our tax dollars. Misappropriated by not only P.O.T.U.S but by many politicians, By the Department of education, By the Military & by police, By the offices of Social Security.
    I want a president that will focus on the United States & its Citizens Directly.

  2. The missing hour was the most important because they tabled the motion to let the chief justice decide on witnesses should their be disagreement by the parties

  3. "And if you don't know, now you know"!!! Get em!!! Pat "syphilis" should stay seated. He reminds me of Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite…

  4. This trial is a joke. Couldn’t win the election, couldn’t tie him to the Russians, so they try to impeach him with no reason why. A JOKE.

  5. The only facts in this case what so ever, is Sondlund in congress STATED there was not Quid Pro Quo! It was only personal opinion! The only facts are that BIDEN did criminally bribe Ukraine while he was VP and it’s live and recorded! This garbage democrat treasonous scam is the cover up of Biden crimes! Trump did nothing ILEGAL, EVERYONE CAN READ THE TRANSCRIPT, all the rest is MADE UP LIES BY TREASONOUS SCHIFF

  6. ALL WITNESSES, ALL EVIDENCE! This is a Trail! How Dare the GOP try to burn the Constitution and the rule of law. BOOOOOOOOOOO Traitors and heretics all of them.

  7. "Some may not want, what happens here, to be public" (while streaming Live)…his first assinine statement in the first minute..what a whiner.

  8. When you want a subpoena you have to know what you're looking for and why you're looking for it.. this isn't the discovery phase.. you can't get a warrant saying I don't know what's in it but i want it… You're not allowed to do a fishing expedition during a trial.. soooo objection… To all your amendments.. the same goes for witnesses. You have to know what you're looking for. You can't just say oh hey let's ask them some questions and see what they say.. you have to formulate clear reasonings and establish standing and get it entered properly.. or not I guess because it's just the Senate and there's no such thing as rules or procedure here..

  9. There was a time pre 2016. we could disagree, not be bullies or name call & still not HATE the other party. Look what your guy has done. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. thanks mr president. Nice job representing ALL people.

  10. I’m proud of those who fight tirelessly to defend our constitution and prevent dictatorship. Thank You, Patriots! God Bless America 🇺🇸


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