Trump Describes G20 Conference Call On Coronavirus Response | NBC News


President Trump detailed a conference call with the G20 leaders to discuss the global response to the COVID-19 health crisis.
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Trump Describes G20 Conference Call On Coronavirus Response | NBC News



  1. Corona virus is a beautiful virus amazing little virusis the most beautiful virus, incredible. Litty litty virus …tremendous package virus.

  2. I wish Trump would get his act together and stop with some of the non cents. Trump if u are reading this have the S.S. look my number up.. we need to talk

  3. I've done lots of searching around the internet and looking for confirmed verified cases of this virus and so far i cannot find anyone. I've looked all around youtube and other websites like vimeo and blog sites throughout google to find these overloaded hospitals with people scattered around the hospital in the hundreds or even thousands and i cannot find any videos of the sort. The only type of videos i've found so far are of like 20 or 30 people in hospitals and these videos are looped around almost every youtube channel i could find. In some cases i've seen patients and nurses dancing in the hospitals like nothing is wrong. I've attached links at the bottom of this email for you to check out. This to me looks like a big load of crap. The chinese government is trying to show how efficient they are by building all these useless hospitals so they can show the world that their economy is great despite all of this " virus " scare going around and other governments are using this as an excuse to line their own pockets. Media around the world are loving this because their ratings are through the roof.

    So far no confirmed, verified cases of any deaths or anyone who's actually ill from this. I've seen one or two videos of people in hospitals recording themselves in the hospitals and i've seen just a few videos of hospitals with 20 or 30 people in them and doctors, nurses, staff members and even patients with nothing better to do than show off for the cameras by dancing like nothing is wrong. If you are so sick and everything is so horrible, how could you be dancing like you have nothing better to do? This entire thing has been blown out of proportion and i don't see any real threat here. Trump has lied to everyone and now they are starting Marshall law. The governments, media, and medical professionals are making insane amounts of money from this while openly telling the public that rather than giving us money, they are going to give it to the businesses and government instead. I just thought i'd add my two cents to anyone who would listen. Thanks so much.

  4. Has anyone in the comment section watched the full briefings? Almost every comment is written like it's paid propaganda or a bot. Here in Australia Trump is the only confident voice we can hear.

  5. He bravely called coronavirus Chinese virus when no one could. At G20 summit he did nothing to question China instead he agreed with China's economic move of selling health equipments without tarrifs. Can't he see China's profiting from the pandemic???

  6. Trump has nowhere to hide now. He's trapped into bringing his lack of interest, lack of understanding and lack of competence on full display. He HAS to address the country or be made a fool, yet going before the country, he is also made a fool.

  7. What I got out of this was " I had a great meeting with G20, all great guys", I had a great meeting with the governors, all great guys", I talked to Tom Brady, great guy", Fake News. Did I miss anything folks?

  8. Donald J. Trump


    Why is @BarackObama always campaigning or on vacation?

    Donald J. Trump

    Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf.Worse than Carter

    Donald J. Trump

    How incompetent are our leaders allowing these Ebola infected people to come into our country with all of the problems and danger entailed!

    Donald J. Trump

    "@THEINTENSITY: The worst part is the apathy the administration has for informing the public of timely info about Ebola @realDonaldTrump"

    Donald J. Trump

    All the governors are already backing off of the Ebola quarantines. Bad decision that will lead to more mayhem.

    Obama just appointed an Ebola Czar with zero experience in the medical area and zero experience in infectious disease control. A TOTAL JOKE!

    Donald J. Trump

    The new Ebola czar will report to the WH & NSA adviser Susan Rice. More mismanagement & duplicity with CDC. Obama is terrible executive.

    Donald J. Trump

    Ebola has been confirmed in N.Y.C., with officials frantically trying to find all of the people and things he had contact with.Obama's fault

    Donald J. Trump


    Why is @BarackObama always campaigning or on vacation?

  9. And yet, Americans will vote for this man a second time because of their PETTY BIASES. This man knows how to keep us divided on our cultural issues and we forget about how incompetent he is. Will he end up killing us all because of his incompetence?

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  11. A healthy society doesnt start with Xi, Macron, Rutte, Johnson or Merkel, but it starts with Corona among us Trump. (Wink) Who cares about millions less? Rothschild, Illuminati, Wilders or me, you and Melanie?
    By AbdAllah

  12. To seize Martin State Forest, in Lawrence County Indiana, and to build the Federal Government Independent Army base there, to build three Federal Government Independent Army Banks, and one Federal Government Independent Army Mint there, and to build the Federal Government Independent Army gun and ammunition manufacturing buildings there, and to build a Federal Government Independent Army News TV channel and a Federal Government Independent Army radio station there. To make an encampment there, for the Federal Government Independent Army.

  13. He is a great president.
    He needs support and love.
    He doesnt have tunnel vision,
    If he did he would be less under tremendous stress.
    You can see when he speaks he wants to make sure everything is in balance with proper degree in relation to every topic.
    Tremendous smart.
    I'm not being sarcastic.
    To easy for us to see him in only one direction.

  14. O Presidente TRUMP deveria juntar todo o mundo num único Governo Federal da terra. Precisamos acabar com todas as guerras, fomes e destruição do planeta e seus ecossistemas. A globalização económica da exploração e do lucro, tem de ser substituída por uma globalização de Paz, harmonia, solidariedade e fraternidade. A humanidade só vencerá os seus desafios de sobrevivência se estiver unida. Se hoje não estamos unidos contra o vírus, como será quando chegar o Asteroide? Nenhum exército da Terra poderá destruir o Asteroide. Em nome do Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo, let us make this world great again together.

  15. 😡😡😡👺Trump is the most disgusting human being in America and the Republiclowns are the party of lies and scum. They will lose the Presidency and the Senate‼

  16. I am just so tired of his droning on and on and on. It’s always the same. Whatever happens, it’s always about him. I could imagine, even when an asteroid is on a collision course with our earth in 2 days, Trump is going to say just the same: We’re totally under control. And you are fake news. And that Pence guy. I am just so tired of all of this.


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