Thule Vector Premium Roof Top Cargo Box Overview and Buying Options


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Thule Vector Product Description
An elegant, sporty design with smooth integration of the lid and the base that adds a distinctive look to any vehicle. A premium interior with integrated lighting and a felt-lined base for increased gear protection that enhances the user experience. The reinforced lid makes for a smooth, effortless dual-sided opening and closing. A white-colored interior of the lid combined with a LED-light facilitates loading and unloading at night

SlideLock system with separate locking and opening functions that automatically locks the lid in place and shows when the box is closed securely

The design improvements start with the unique angular, yet aerodynamic shape, it is constructed with durable, lightweight thermoformed ABS plastic. This is an automotive-grade plastic, a material commonly used for the manufacture of automobile exterior components such as rearview mirrors, with a similar gel-coat automotive grade gloss finish. Care for the finish as you would the vehicle using soft sponges, microfibers, and sudsy water, but no automatic carwashes.

The front of the box is smooth with no belt line found on other boxes, this reduces frontal area turbulence. The angular high and low areas of the lid are modern in design but also act to stiffen the lid with little to no added weight.

The Motion XT series boxes are strong with a 165-pound carrying capacity, most other boxes are rated to 110 pounds. This is 55-pounds extra weight capacity, that’s 33% greater than what most other boxes are rated to carry. The added strength can be attributed in large part to the steel reinforcements in the base which encompasses the mounting hardware, an area where high stresses occur.

The SlideLock system, with separate locking and opening functions, automatically locks the lid in place and indicates when the box is closed securely. The lock mechanism is mechanically separate from the lid release, this removes the relatively fragile key from the work of activating the release linkage.

The crossbar mounting hardware has extra-wide crossbar attachments to accommodate a wide range of crossbar shapes and sizes. The smooth turning, rubberized knob tightens the hardware and clicks when fully tight. This click function ensures that the hardware is not over, or under tightened to the crossbar.

The dual-sided opening lid allows for easy opening and closing from either the passenger or driver side of the vehicle. The grip-friendly outer handles allow for easy lifting and lowering of the lid in all conditions with the added support of the dual force lid-lifters.

The Vector boxes have been thoughtfully designed to provide the best possible clearance for the vehicle’s rear hatch, spoiler, and antenna.




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