Things To Do In LEIPZIG, GERMANY | UNILAD Adventure


This hidden gem in Germany has been labeled as the “the new Berlin”. There is so much to discover in this stunning city, from getting lost on its ancient streets to getting immersed in the local culture. Join us as we look at some of the best things to do in Leipzig.

Places in this video:

Leipzig Square: 0:34
St. Nicholas Church: 01:04
St. Thomas Church: 01:20
Gothic Festival: 1:39
Coffee Baum: 1:56
Panorama Tower: 2:31
Karli Road: 2:39
Johanna Park: 2:59
Stadthafen: 3:13
Kunstkraftwerk: 3:32
Spinnerei Galleries: 3:54

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  1. This is big Shit city ! When do you say to romanian people not good to go there but If i am from Romania and i go turist for 1,2 day and go back to my House you have problem with all , lol nice work Nazi . I prefer to not visit Germany never better to all migrante to go there ,😂😂😂😂.Rasist People there . Same Germany say welcome to imigrants soo dumbs .

  2. Is it possible to use a few seconds of this footage to use for a non-profit church? Please direct message me. Thank you.

  3. Incredible video.I really liked watching it.
    Continue with it .subbed you.
    I would definitely be really thankful for it if you support me too please 🙏 😃😊 ❤&✌

  4. I've lived here for 6 years, best place I have ever lived in. Leipzig has much more to offer, including the landmark Monument to the Battle of Nations (Völkerschlachtdenkmal in German), Leipzig Zoo with world's second largest rainforest hall or Panometer – the multimedia 360 deg panorama display inside old gasometer premises. Hometown not only to Bach, but also other acclaimed composers, like Wagner and Mendelssohn.

  5. Much better looking and cheaper than Berlin, attracting more artists who can't afford Berlin anymore, far fewer tourists, fewer anglophone expats (Berlin has way too many), cleaner (but not to an extreme like Munich), safer, more chill vibe. The only negatives, but also the reasons it's still cheap, are the job market and not feeling as international and it being a bit more difficult to date if you're over 30 (fewer single people than Berlin). Of course, usually a city being international is also accompanied by it being too expensive and crowded as Berlin has been heading. Leipzig may be a bit hyped up recently, and therefore getting the label Hypezig, but Berlin is far more so. Most tourists, well off city hoppers, yuppies, yuppie-hipsters that have been flocking to Berlin more and more do not know about Leipzig still.

  6. Leipzig would be in foreign hands if it wasent fought over and won at least 3 times by the swedes. Lutzen, Breitenfeild, Battle of the Nations) in every corner of Leipzig City. What a lovely city. One of the most charming in all of Europe..A real swedish style gothic city

  7. Well those aren't the best tips for Leipzig. Especially showing the most expensive renting place for boats isn't what I picture, when you're saying "good tips" for travelers.

  8. I love this video. It makes me feel wonderful to be citizen of Leipzig. Contact me I would love to be your host to explore the theater and cabaret scene of Leipzig. Let me be your Show Embassador. Come and visit my page or 😍

  9. Now I'm proud to live in Leipzig

    Very nice video, but I miss the "Völkerschlachtdenkmal". I think, this is a must-see!

  10. With the drone footage in your videos, is it all your footage and did you have to do anything in particular to fly your drones in those areas? Cheers 🤙🏼


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