The TRUTH About Tesla Model 3 After 1 Year…


Tesla Model 3 Performance review after 1 year of ownership. Is Tesla able to hold its crown as producer of the best all-electric vehicle? How does it compare to the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series and Kia Stinger?

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A lot of questions come up when talking Tesla. How’s reliability? What about battery degradation? Has the build quality deteriorated? How’s the paint job? And the range? And the charging situation? And service costs? What about performance? And Autopilot? And Smart Summon? And more! All of this is answered in this comprehensive Tesla Model 3 review after one year of ownership.


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  1. Excited for everyone to finally see this! We're super proud of it and think it's the best video we've ever made. If you decide to pick up your own Tesla, get free Supercharging and help us out by using my affiliate link!

  2. So….I can instantly disable the car with one blow to the display? Thanks but no thanks. I prefer non-minimalist ie. buttons, dials, switches, knobs, dials, displays (plural). I DO love the acceleration👍🏻

  3. Biggest mistake elon musk made. Was building car in China. Almost like sending the national guard to war. You can't win with junk

  4. I do wonder where people charge their Teslas around here. I have only seen one Charging Station so I assume people charge them at home. I live 30+km from work, and that is entirely normal for people here. It's lots of little hubs connected by lots of roads and greenery in between… very spread out. The nearest city is about an hour away on the highway. EDIT: I live in Australia.

  5. It's funny how we are supposed to believe we will save the world driving cars that are useless without a ui that the manufacturer can stop updating any day hooray.

  6. Quick question. The ranges listed on these cars, are they using 100 percent of the battery range or is it from 80 percent to 20 percent, the usable range? For example the 250 mile car would then only have a usable range between 250*0.8=200 miles – 250*0.2=50 miles, giving an actual practical range of 150 miles. Can someone please explain. Thanks in advance

  7. Last night I crashed my Tesla model 3. I honestly was super sad and devastated, I really liked driving that car, good thing it was just a bad dream, I don’t have a Tesla.

  8. You mentioned one-pedal driving. This video was produced before Tesla implemented a true one-pedal driving feature, so this aspect of the car has improved EVEN MORE since then. 🙂 In November or December 2019, Tesla released an update for the 3 (and I'm given to understand it's also present in the S and X) that adds "Hold Mode" to the brake options. (They renamed "Creep" to "Roll" as well.) In Hold Mode, letting off the accelerator will regen all the way down to 0 and then engage the brake for you to keep the car still, which in many cases means you don't have to touch your brake pedal at all.

    Prior to them doing this, I had my car set to the Low regeneration level because the Standard level was too aggressive for me. But with Hold Mode, the Standard regen is perfect because if I want to slow down less aggressively than "full regen", I just have to feather the pedal. I don't have to let off it completely and switch my foot to the brake pedal, which could cause a rather jarring decel.

    I like to think of this change as having turned the accelerator pedal into a true "speed control", where it's almost literally a matter of setting your speed by changing the position of the pedal, rather than the pedal pressure affecting how much you accelerate. I found it extremely intuitive, and it makes the car that much more fun to drive.

  9. At work we have a Kubota side-by-side with auto-braking when you let off the pedal……it's the most goddam annoying thing ever. You can't coast at all. Every time you move your foot you end up being launched forward.

  10. Tesla knows a lot more about you than just your favorite.Chicken joint location. Probably a near perfect correlation between Facebook users and Tesla users.

  11. Tesla should put a generator of some sort that recharges the car battery with the air that hits the car while your driving. That along with the regenerative breaking would have your car with a charge for a loooong time.

  12. Yeah, I dunno why I'm watching this, I can't afford a Tesla, but I'd like one. One one side, it would fit my needs very well, since I only drive in weekends, relative short distances, less than 50 km (I use mass transit to go to work). On the other end, when I travel around the country, 5-10 times per year, average distance climbs to 300-500 km, which I believe is outside its range on one charge.

    Unfortunately I live in Romania, I doubt they sell them here, as winters can be really harsh, like US Minnesota and harsher.

  13. The frunk thing is a very millennial complaint lol. My dad says the same thing about the Roku app vs using the controller he can never actually find anyway. In reality It's super convenient and faster than having to find a key on a ring of 10 or so keys that all look the same

  14. how you can distinguish someone that is mechanically car illiterate: (buys tesla) "The trunk space is big because… NO TRANSMISSION!" "The glove box is big because… NO TRANSMISSION IN THE WAY" lmao.

  15. I use the buttons in my car all the time. What is he on about. Space, he means you get a cheap display where you have to navigate extensively to open the glove box. What a fan


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