The TRUTH About Idris Elba's Marriage


Idris Elba has had his fair share of women and was once labeled one the world’s most eligible bachelors. Many were convinced he would never settle down and would remain a ladies’ man due to his track record. But despite his rollercoaster dating history, he never gave up on finding the woman of his dreams. Here’s the truth about Idris Elba’s journey to finding the love of his life, model Sabrina Dhowre.

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Written by: Tamara A. McCullough
Voiceover: Stacy Thomas

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  1. Even though looks is not everything but he is fine 😊 lol / I'm happy he found some one that can handle him / a special woman can only handle a special man smooches 😘

  2. Idris is Fine and ❤️Black Women !!! 💪🏽❤️👊🏽❤️✊🏽❤️😻
    Sending Positive Energy and Prays for restored Health , Idris , wife Sabrina 🙏🏽❤️

  3. Thank God he finally found what he was looking for. At least we now get to know he searched until he find. A lot of people are in relationship for years "where they are so unhappy, miserable and being cheated on. Not leaving because they want the world to see them as perfect. I hope edris marriage will last until God says when.


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