THE TRAITOR REVEALED / One Piece Chapter 974 Review


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Art used:

Kyoshiro standing over hiyori:

oden with whitebeard and roger crew:

Kanjuro swiping brush:

Chibi Kanjuro:

Oden and scabbards side by side panels:

Oden holding up scabbards:

kinnemon crying:

Kaido fists up:

Old lady kurozumi:

Kaido angry face:

scabbards and straw hats sitting:

Luffy Law and Kid:

Kanjuro yelling:

scabbards with hats:

Luffy and Kid yelling:

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  1. Remind me corazon and vergo. Good side go to bad side, bad side go to good side. Oda foreshadowing from early dont judge a book by the cover

  2. Let's not forget the Lurking Legend is going to appear in Wano & is supposed to be the Strawhats biggest enemy. Yes. Above Kaido.

  3. I think they already knew who the traitor was. I think basil hawkins told law that kanjuro is the traitor thats why they make new plan to attack. And i think its supernovas vs kaido will gonna happen.!!

  4. One of Luffy's Best qoute!
    -"Chasing samurai on a tiny boat?When your'e at the sea,You FIGHT PIRATES".
    I feel frcking Goosebumps here!!!!Feels like something Epic was coming

    As i thought:
    Pirates Warriors of the Sea
    Samurai Warriors of the Land

  5. I feel like oda was feeling rushed to reveal something interesting…there was no need to reveal the big three together with the traitor in the same chapter it just diminishes the thrill

  6. Kanjuro being an amazing artist and being the traitor makes me think he is probably a lot stronger than we all think, he creates a full body clone of himself who was able to speak and talk

  7. Honestly don't know what's scarier. The fact that kanjuro was ready and fully prepared to die to fulfill his role or the fact that kinemon was tried to kill kanjuro who's he's known and trusted for years without any hesitation.

  8. I knew he was the traitor jus cus he was bad at drawing(using his devil fruit) and I was like bruh watch this man be an absolute unit and probly just pretending not to know how to draw but maybe is actually a really good artist and this could be just a drawing of him

  9. Heres a theory: I think Oda would save the "talking to remaining kozuki" point from kaido at the end of the war when he is defeated, and ask those remaining members "what kind of man Oden was" in his prime (since he seemed to show oden respect before his death). Fitting end before kaidos death

  10. He probably gonna ask how to die like Oden….dude probably wanna die a spectacular or meaningful death and just can’t lol…if this is true then that’s sad

  11. Imagine whole alliances rejoicing after they kill Kaido, the drawing slowly fades. Then the real Kaido appears 😱

  12. Definitely we would like to see some Massive Dragon Kaido's Clone that will get kicked in ass. Then after that the original Kaido will after that.

  13. You gotta respect oda’s writing. These plot twists and reveals are life. I’m just waiting for some of the white beard pirates to show up now. And jinbei

  14. I called it . He is the only one with a devil fruit and he was the only person who didn’t help out in dressrosa even tho he was there and didn’t have a bounty

  15. Ever since we suspected there was a rat I knew it had to be Kanjuro, considering we got very little character development with him plus Doflamingo didn't turn him into a toy and the Beast Pirates knew only Raizo was on Zou.

  16. I think that captain Kuro is a Kurozumi too, here are the reasons:

    1. It was stated by Oda that there are people from Wano that came to East Blue, and that the Minatomo from East Blue is a relative of Minatomo who lives in Wano. Kōshirō, Kuina and Kuro most likely originate from Wano.

    2. The name Kuro could be short for Kurozumi.

    3. The Kurozumi are sneaky, they are actors who come to other people, play nice and then backstab them despite spending many years with them and apparently form a great bond. Orochi did it with the Kōzuki family, Kanjūrō did it with the Nine Red Scabbards, and Kuro did it with Kaya.

  17. The biggest clue was his drawing skills…I was skeptical about Kanjuros drawing skills…Ryonuske climbing up Zou I felt it was drawn poorly on purpose just to slow them down

  18. To be fair Wano Country brought it on themselves!!! Both Orochi and Kanjuro were victims to begin with!! Orochi is a non-aggressive cancer cell that was promoted to grow out of control while Kanjuro is a normally healthy cell being infected with the vicious behavior of some vicious Wano people and later being infected with the growing cancer cell in the form of Orochi. In the end, Wano must take responsibility for their action.

    I hope Kanjuro can be redeemed since he has the highest chance to turn back from his misdeed but Orochi is too far gone already, the Straw Hats must act as chemotherapy the extinguish the cancer like Orochi.

    Wano makes the same mistakes as the World Government, creating troubles upon themselves

  19. Doflamingo and kaido were huge into trading with each other so if he was planning with orochi at that time he’d want orochi and everyone of his subordinates to be strong enough to fight and give them devil fruits


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