The Real Reason Why The Mummy Flopped At The Box Office


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Universal plans to launch a monster movie universe on the back of Tom Cruise’s The Mummy. The flick serves as a reboot of both the studio’s classic scary movie franchise and the Brendan Fraser-starring trilogy. However, despite lofty expectations and the attachment of a huge star in Cruise, The Mummy wasn’t able to scare up many viewers in its opening weekend, debuting to an underwhelming $31.5 million domestic gross. The disappointing start for the thriller likely won’t completely unravel Universal’s so-called “Dark Universe,” but it definitely spells trouble. Here’s why The Mummy was dead on arrival…

Critical curse | 0:43
Wrongheaded reboot | 1:38
Rehash fatigue | 2:35
Cart before horse | 3:14
Star power-outage | 4:05
Buzz need | 4:51
No wonder | 5:27
Salvaged overseas | 5:55

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  1. I kinda liked it mind you I love the original and the ones made in the 90's and in the early 2000's but this one was ok

  2. The Real Reason Why The Mummy Flopped is simple= The critics don't understand a shit. The Mummy with Tom Cruise too me was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. In my opinion he had to win an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Emmy, a David di Donatello for Lifetime Achievement and a Golden Lion at the Venice Cinema. The Mummy is a good movie like Forrest Gump and The Lord of the Rings.

  3. BRENDAN FRASER and his supporting characters suits for all parts of MUMMY.
    I lose interest after watching this movie…..😟😟😟😟😟

  4. It is nice instead to me. It opens different stories, but they are scared of box office( which was positive at least) everything has to grow. I hope they’ll go on

  5. It was the dialogue and lack of horror elements.
    The way they talked and the situations they got into were cheesy, and there was no suspense or true character development for the mummy when she was supposed to be the most "flawed" "missunderstood" character of the entire movie.
    We weren't given any imagination to what she or the dark universe could become.

  6. Hey Hollywood, the world is SCREAMING for Brendan Fraser, how long are you gonna ignore it? Make the wrong things right, drop your blacklist crap.

  7. For me, the reason it flopped was that it wasn't Tom Cruse playing a character it was Tom Cruse vs the mummy. Tom was the wrong actor for the movie. The "character" just came on as an Ass that never got redeemed. He just want likeable. And I couldn't tell if the movie was going for comedy or more serious/scary.
    However, I did like something in this movie: the part were the mummy controlled his actions without him realizing it. How he starts to have a vision in one place and "wakes up" in another and don't know how he got there. Had they played that with a scary angle like he almost killed someone through that and him trying to save people from himself, I think that would have been interesting.
    I also think that it would have been more thrilling (!?) If he got injected with that seth thing rather than him doing it himself. I don't know if I got my thoughts through but I would sum it up with that it has so much potential but fails in almost every way and I think that, that is why I got so disappointed.

  8. It would actually be interesting to see some dimension to Tom Cruise Character being Set instead of a straight up good vs Bad thing. The Princess Mummy had a far more interesting character and room to grow as a character than blonde.

  9. I saw the movie, the reason that was such a disappointment to me too, was the fact that had a very bad scenario the hole plot was childish and stupid even for 10 year Olds. The ending even more stupid… And Tom cruse was in all the movie confused and dazed also because of bad writing.. Such a blooper

  10. Worked for me and a lot of others.FCUK the critics anyway.If they say its bad you know it is good .They obviously did not get ba big enough back hander !!!!

  11. No one likes a lunatic (T.C.) …. sorry for others who stars the film and the people behind it…. if it is Brendan frazer….. tsk tsk tsk

  12. It was shit because it didn't resemble the mummy at all.
    Look at the mummy '99 (It was an action/comedy of the original with some horror)
    Look at Young Frankenstein (It was a Parody of the Original films)
    Both of these films stayed true to the original despite being VASTLY DIFFERENT
    This had terrible writing, sequel baiting, horrible jokes, ripped off other movies (EX: American Werewolf in london)

  13. I think one thing is obvious. The world is a much bigger market than the USA box office, and has very different tastes in entertainment. When you look at the Mummies global gross then you can hardly call it a flop!

  14. The 2017, Mummy definitely has/had potential to be a very great movie, but it should have never been released, during the Summer blockbuster market, to begin with!!! But , because Tom Cruises' name has always been attached to Hollywood Summer blockbuster movies, that has always been solely focused on action!!! Don't get wrong, I am a fan of his movies, but Hollywood executives focuses too much on big money and profit, by using Big star names!!! In order, for Universals' : Dark Universe series, to become successful, the scripts need to start off as origin stories and period pieces for each character, despite the fact that we all are aware of their origins to begin with ! 2nd: The scripts, also, need to be very dark horror stories and leading up to the modern day organization of the London based group Prodigium!!! And Finally, these movies should be released in the late fall of September and early October prior Halloween yearly!!! This is why 2017 the Mummy was not successful, it had a great story but was released during the wrong time of the year and went up against, Wonder Woman .


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