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Cameron Diaz has quit acting? Have you seen any movies starring Cameron Diaz lately? What happened to Cameron Diaz’ career for the last five years? Let’s see why Hollywood won’t cast Cameron Diaz anymore.

After 2014 Cameron Diaz has not been committed to any new acting projects! Is it a retirement from acting? The main theory goes that even though Cameron Diaz can still be fun to watch, the Hollywood doesn’t find her bankable no more.

Another theory tells that Diaz is too old for Hollywood.

And, finally, some people think that her current net worth was enough for finally take a break from acting.

But it turns out that Cameron has finally got her own happily ever after! Cameron Diaz’ break from acting suspiciously coincided with her meeting her future husband Benji Madden. And in January 2020 she gave birth to her first child Raddix Madden.

Will Cameron Diaz ever be back to acting? Well, it’s true that many of her films that came out to theatres since 2009 were perceived poorly. Diaz has learned her lesson and decided to stick to what she was best at – the comedies.

But all the movies Cameron Diaz was featured in after 2010 received mixed or mixed to negative reviews and miserably failed in box office. And finally, in 2014 Cameron Diaz’ performance in ‘Annie’ raised many brows.

The actress herself explained that after a solid 20 years in the industry, she grew tired of constantly travelling as a part of her job.

Watch this video to find out everything about why Cameron Diaz is not casted in Hollywood anymore, and tell us your own theories in the comments below!

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  1. Great work Ossa. Love the content. Saw her at a party and she can drink like crazy !!! She is tall and boisterous!!! Still hot


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