The Real Reason Gemini Man Bombed At The Box Office


Sometimes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Such is the case for Gemini Man, director Ang Lee’s action thriller featuring not one but two Will Smiths, one an aging assassin named Henry Brogan, played by Smith in a live-action performance, and another nicknamed “Junior,” a young clone of Henry sent to kill him, which Smith portrayed through motion-capture.

With Academy Award winning director Lee at the helm, action movie icon Jerry Bruckheimer set as producer, Smith in the leading role, and David Benioff, one half of the Game of Thrones showrunning team, with a credit on the screenplay, Gemini Man seemed to have everything going for it, on paper, at least. But after literal decades of development, the movie sadly opened in theaters to a decidedly muted response.

In its opening weekend that officially began on Friday, October 11, Gemini Man earned a measly $20.5 million domestically. Internationally, the film pulled in $39 million, bringing its worldwide debut total to just $59.5 million, several million dollars under its reported production budget of $138 million.

To put things into perspective, $59.5 million is about what Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw yielded during its opening weekend in North America alone. It’s also a little more than what John Wick: Chapter 3 earned in its first few days out, also just domestically.

So, why did Gemini Man bomb at the box office? Let’s take a look.

Watch the video for more about the real reason Gemini Man bombed at the box office!

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  1. I never liked Will Smith. I only liked the movies he starred. And that the movie was a flop because audience dont follow superstars anymore is nonsense. Whats about Joachim Phoenix? He aint one of the top actors?

  2. The only real complaint that I would have about the movie is whenever Old Will and Young Will were on the same screeb together. The CGI to make Young Will's face was somewhat off putting, bit the only place where it was apparent was the final scene.

  3. You need word of mouth to create interest in other potential movie goers. The only word of mouth this movie got was "uncanny valley".

    This film should have been released years later when the technology was perfected and the Joker wasn't competing with it.

  4. Gemini Man was a really good movie. It was just released at the wrong time. This happens to a lot of movies. I dont know what these studios are thinking when they choose release dates. Everybody knew Joker was going to blow up. Movies failures are always on the studios.. Release the Snyder & JJ Abrams Cuts!!

  5. I like the movie don’t know why people shit on it. I know it’s like looper but hey leave it alone it’s good

  6. Gemini man was incredible I love the action scenes and I love will Smith's performance I was lost in the movie I will say there were a few parts of the movie with the face that triggered me out but then it came right back in so all in all I say working with the concept they were given they pulled it off damn near flawlessly

  7. I think it bombed because will Smith is trying to outdo himself for some reason… you’ve made it already… retire and pass the baton. This movie is what happens when you want to die with your baton.

  8. This movie should have come out on Netflix. It would have been a lot better. Not enough people saw it. If it were more accessible it would have been reviewed better. These kind of movies just don’t do well in Cinemas. Will Smith needs to try something different the box office isn’t working in his favor like it used too.

  9. How are the producers looking at a loss of 60 million dollars if in the first weekend alone, it made more than a third of its production cost???

  10. There is one thing no one has mentioned. First thing i've noticed. The color grading simply doesn't look like blockbuster. It is to modern digital aesthetic, like cheep independent movie. What confuses me is the same DOP as amazingly looking Edge of tomorrow.

  11. I can't wait to watch it in 60 FPS on the 4k Blu-ray release. Too bad the Blu-ray spec doesn't support 120 FPS. Then they could work in some kind of tech in the players to blur 120 FPS down to 24 FPS for all of the "film look" crybabies out there…the HFR people could have their cake, and the 24 FPS people could also have their cake.

  12. It's refreshing to see that Will Smith is at this point of his career that he's not worrying about box office. Dude is having fun on YouTube and doing projects like Aladdin and this film. One can be bomb or rake in the cash.

  13. My issue with it was that it was a lot of set up that they don't do much with/telling undermined by what we're shown. Old Will Smith is supposed to be slowing down and starting to slip. About the most they show us is his shot with the sniper rifle. Which was still an impressive shot with no collateral damage. Just a close call. On the other hand we keep getting told that young Will Smith is some kind of unfeeling monster that's been raised to be a killing machine his whole life. Devoid of humanity. What we see is a guy with one liners and a show off that will beat you with a bike rather than shoot you. He come off more like a cocky young recruit that's being manipulated and doesn't have the experience to see it.

    I don't think it's a god awful movie. The action scenes are fun and I love Will Smith. It just feels like there was a lot of potential and what we ended up with was an ok but forgettable action movie. Showing it's hand in the trailer and a fall release didn't do it any favors.


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