The Pixar Theory: Is It Real Or Just Fan Fiction?


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The world of Disney has changed a lot in the past ten years. Not only has the company acquired Star Wars, Marvel, and the Muppets — but they purchased their longtime producing partners Pixar and have welcomed them into the fold. Pixar is a behemoth in the animation world. Their films are consistently making bank at the box office, scooping up Academy Awards, and providing families with hours of entertainment. At first glance, films like Monster’s Inc. and The Incredibles couldn’t be further apart from each other — but what if the whole world of Pixar was connected? Yep — we’re talking about the famed Pixar Theory. Developed in 2013, the theory includes every single Pixar movie and has been adapted to include newer releases like The Good Dinosaur and Inside/Out. But — how real is the theory, are the connections plausible, or is this just a group of diehard Pixar fans grasping at straws?! Let’s dive in, break things down and determine if the Pixar theory is something that could be real — or merely a fun fan fiction with too many plot holes to be plausible.

The 1990’s was a game changer for Disney. After some darker films like the Black Cauldron and the Great Mouse Detective, the animation company decided to go back to their roots in the form of an animated musical. 1989’s Little Mermaid was a smash hit and followed up with animated classics like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. But these landmark movies weren’t even Disney’s most important release in the 90’s. This would be 1995’s Toy Story. As part of a distribution deal, the world of animation changed forever when Disney teamed up with the then-small animation company Pixar to release the first-ever fully CG animated movie.

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  1. 12:53 I mean I wouldn't go back in time to become a monkey. and mabey the monsters doesnt even know they evolved fro humands since its so long ago.

    edit: what if the witch made an alternative timeline.

    Or mabey the monsters, the monsters are so afraid of tutching human stuff becouse the dont want to change the future. but mabey Sully and Mike after getting to know boo so well.

    Or since the monsters time doors go back in time to the exact day, mabey boo is just happy to see a big blue monster. and when Sully dies boo will wonder where the blue monster is. so then she goes back in time.

  2. Maybe it's less of a Pixar universe, more of a Pixar multi-verse? Like in Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse? Maybe Toy Story, Up, Finding Nemo are the main Pixar universe with Wall-E as it's future and Brave as its past, Monsters Inc is a parallel universe with monsters in it as inter-dimensional travellers and the good dinosaur takes place in a completely separate universe and Coco's land of the living takes place in the main Pixar universe and the land of the dead is pixar's after-life? I know it's complicated, but it actually makes more sense than the official theory Pixar theory.

  3. What if The Good Dinosaur and Monsters, Inc. are happening on the same planet. Monsters and dinosaurs just live in other continents and monsters go to scare people on Earth through teleporting doors while the dinosaurs are not even trying to invent the bicycle. By the way both are good films.

  4. Did anyone else notice that random words appeared to be missing from sentences? I'm pretty sure I heard the sentence "Then there's a movie that comes around that doesn't (fit?) into the theory."

  5. You guys just don't get it. You were clearly just going off the original theory without looking at other people who made your nitpicks make sense. Also it isn't something the writers made up, it is something that fits in despite the lack of effort. I will admit I, myself, have added Disney films into the mix but only the ones after Disney bought Pixar, made by the same people.

  6. But hey that's just a theory,

    A pixar theory and cut .

    Wait wrong channel …

    But I suppose it could also be a …

    Screen rant theory

    But most of all a film theory lol and cut 😆😆😆

  7. Screen rant makes video debunking the Pixar theory, makes video about Pixar theory 3 months later.

    Pixar: Am I a joke to you?

  8. Dude you totally got this wrong Pixar is in alternate Earth it was always an alternate Earth where is asteroid hit the Earth and the dinosaurs eventually die cuz of fate that that in Brave you didn't think of that did you but that's just a theory a flim theory andddddddd I just got copyrighted


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