The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction


Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.

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  1. New Microsoft Go about to drop. Better and nicer keyboard, Windows OS, Nice looking hardware, HALF the price. What's the point of buying the new iPad – unless you like Apples over Windows. Seems dumb. What do you think?

  2. Apple is doing a really good job at making a shitty expensive laptop, telling you that you need to buy it, and buy a bunch of accessories to make it as close to a laptop as possible.

  3. Thanks Lou. I'd like a new IPad but my difficulty is, for the times such as they are that my Moms old IPad can't do video anymore. She's shut in right now and the IOS can't be updated to accommodate newer apps. On that I wouldn't see me driven as to price point for her to update to a newer device. BUT, I Miss my Mom and I'd like to visit with her. Can you look into alternatives to communicate with people like my Mom? All the best Lou and again, thank you for the time you are spending making great content.

  4. I’m a college kid who’s majoring in graphic design, would this be a good product for me since it’s a laptop that u can take notes on but can also draw/make project ideas? Basically would this be good for graphic designers and college kids?

  5. Apple: "Here's your new laptop, it's a iPad"

    Also Apple: "*whispering * here's also a new McBook Air…..don't buy it though."

  6. So this is where I'm at. Should I buy a MacBook Pro or the 12.9" iPad Pro with trackpad keyboard? Also I think I read that the magic keyboard will work with the older iPad Pros.

  7. 5 thoughts 1. I think Apple needs to do some kind of bundle deal with the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and magic keyboard folio. They probably won’t because they know they can make more by selling everything separately. But the option would be nice. 2. The iPad Pro has replaced my home computer but it cannot replace my work computer. 3. I feel like this iPad Pro model makes sense for travel bloggers. I’ve had many iPads over the years and I have hardly used the rear facing camera. I do use the front facing one for FaceTime. 4. The 2018 iPad Pro is still amazing. And will be a bargain. I think for people getting into the pro line, that’s what they should look at. 5. The keyboards are WAY too steep $$$

  8. Hi my friend I am subscribed to your channel and I love your videos but I am very sad for not understanding anything you say. I am from Brazil and I would like to have a subtitle available in Brazilian Portuguese (pt.). Would it be possible?

  9. My daily computer is an iPad, but I think Apple marketing saying it’s “not a computer” is silly. Of course it’s a computer, it’s just in a tablet form.

  10. I'll stick with my 8-core PC desktop. My wife went to the Apple 15 inch Mac Pro. I so don't understand any of that.

  11. if u ask me thats macbook without the aluminium case

    and a touch display

    just give me the mb pro with touch and ipad like apps

  12. Why are Lap top cameras So Crappy always? I have a New Powerful Editing computer with 64gb ram and i9 intel and if I wanted to video chat with someone about business I have to use a crappy unprofessional look cam. At least make it look sharp no need for all the tech just clarity.

  13. The new Keyboard has a price tag like the smallest iPad (almost) it’s 11” = 339.-€ 12,9” = 399.-€ WOW
    still believe if I test it I’ll buy it…
    New iPad Pro 11” / 1TB / WIFI Cellular + / Apple Care / new Magic Keyboard = 1938.-€ damn that’s almost my last laptop 😢 that will be a nice present after…

  14. That keyboard should be awesome 1mm travel of keys sounds pretty good, trackpad and any adjusted angle should stay…looking forward to this 😎


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