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◎ My main note-taking app (Notability):
◎ My word processing apps
◎ Microsoft Office 365:
◎ WriteMapper:
◎ My planning app (Things 3):
◎ My planner (Plan On It):
◎ My digital indexed notebooks:
◎ My music (Apple music):

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  1. Check out what I am up to during my different study sessions. If you want to understand and appreciate exactly how I use my iPad on a daily basis:

  2. Documents by Readdle is an amazing,free app but now they must add support for usb ssd/thumb drives after iPad is out! Awesome application…it’s inbuilt pdf and media playing capabilities are awesome 👏🏻…

  3. Hi! Can I transfer some songs and put it in a folder under this app to be later fetched by garage band to create podcasts?

  4. How to use ftp by this app between iPad and Android device? I did it by by fe file manager but not working by document app

  5. I'm Italian and I don't speak English, but I've understood almost everything you've said. You speak very clearly. Bravo ! Greetings from Italy. 🇮🇹👍😉

  6. A very slow app if you are planing to transfer video files, either inporting or exporting. I have a super fast ISP. 129 Mbps to be exact. so I tried transfering a small video footage, a 89MB video file, then it says: 10 hours remaining. it is okay with photos, but not with audio and videos.

  7. Would be interested in your comparison to "iFiles 2" by

  8. The lack of any real file system has always been a big hangup for IPad pundits. With the new USB-C coming to the device, along with "Documents by Readdle," could we be looking at a step closer to becoming a laptop replacement? I know there's no mouse support but, hey, you can't have everything.

  9. I asked Readdle a question about PDF Expert possibly having a feature like notability in which you can do a split view within the app itself, i.e. working on two documents on the same screen. Here is part of their response and they mentioned functionality of this Documents app:

    “you can install our free Documents app which receives the whole functionality of PDF Expert app if both apps are installed on your device. After the Documents installation, you'll be able to use the Split view feature of iOS itself in order to work with two PDF files at the same time”.

    So, perhaps, this is a reason why they allow you to create a pdf in the Documents app. For my use, it would be like taking notes on a blank pdf file I create in Documents while viewing the pdf file I have open in PDF Expert. I have yet to put it to a good test, especially to see what boost in functionality running both apps gives to Documents. Hope this all makes sense. Thank you, Ropsie!

  10. One of my favorite apps is Scrivener by Literature & Latte. For those who aren't familiar this app is an organizing and document creation tool for writers of every ilk. It's an app that requires a not insubstantial learning curve because of its myriad of features. It's available for IOS, Mac OS and Windows.

  11. Need your help. I am very confused with iPad file management. I recently buy an iPad Pro 10.5. And I want to download stuff from safari, but when I download it I don’t want to manage ,save or store files in drop box, iCloud, google drive or any cloud service, because I don’t wanna pay monthly fee or any fee. I just wanna download stuff and save it in my local iPad memory just like in a computer. Same with any other files of my apps like procreate, goodnotes, Ulysses, affinity designer, books , etc.. it’s neccesary to use cloud services to save my files and documents on the iPad? Or there’s a way to just download stuff and store it in my iPad memory . I am very lost here, help

  12. Thank you Ropsie for this Presentation of Document 6 … which does much more than the Apple Files App which I have never been able to use properly.
    The only thing I am not able to do is to save gmails … either Files or D6 … cannot do that like I can in window by dragging the mail to one directory; Files refuses to accept the mail, D6 accepts it but it is unreadable … it stores it into some sort of coding format. D6 accepts to store attachments … but the mail text cannot be saved.
    Thank you again for your YouTube videos
    Kind Regards

  13. suggestion for an app:

    – PAGES –

    Just twenty minutes ago I looked a video, got inspired and wrote some hasty notes on my Laptop (Mac) in the Programm Pages (That's Apples equivalent to Microsoft Word) so I don't forget my thoughts. When my rough overview was finished I wanted to work it a little bit out, but on my iPad so I could use my Pen.

    I thought how to send the text Data to my other device as fast as possible. Than I realized, that I just can save the document on the iCloud and open it with the App Pages on my iPad, which I assumably downloaded (for free?) when I got my iPad last month.

    I did this, without problems very fast. Because I had the document open on my iPad screen and my Pen in the hand, I wanted to try to paint a little diagram in the document. As my Pen touched the screen, the app asked me if I wanted to paint a graphic or if I wanted to use 'smart annotations'. I was curious and chosed 'smart annotations'.

    Now I had two pencils and a marker with which I was able to write directly on the text. After I did that, I tried to erase the paragraph before, and the hand written annotation just moved with the text! How convenient I thought. Notability should have something like this too.

    Than I began to draw my diagram. Suddenly I noticed a movement on the screen of my Laptop. I didn't closed the document, when I changed to my tablet. Then I realized, that my annotation and half of the little drawing I'm just working on where already on the document on my laptop. What a smooth workflow!

    When I work on my laptop I always use pages, I like it very much and I'm fast with it. And I obviously also once downloaded the Pages App on my iPad. But I never seriously thought about using it. But when I'm working with longer text, but also want the convenience of my pen, than this combination could be far more practical than the other note taking apps. Somehow I totally overlooked this obvious option. Maybe it's even free, I can't remember spending money on it.

  14. Can you move a folder and all documents in folder with wifi as ai struggle to get a folder to sync tried many times never finishes

  15. Thank you for awesome videos, this app is good but none come close to Android for management, till now only filza for iOS 11 worked for me but unfortunately it works on jaikbroken devices . Hope Apple will work on file management.

  16. I love this app because I can download Youtube videos and watch them offline when traveling. I'm wondering if you could do a video on what apps you have on your iPad?

  17. Thanks Robsie this is a great app, an I'm only limited to the original Documents as my iPad 3 only upgrades to iOS 9.

  18. Thank you for the video. Any suggestion for cloud service that allows opening and editing documents online without downloading as I have iPad 2018 128GB want to save space on the iPad. Also, cloud that supports apple pencil as Gdrive does not support pencil.

  19. YES – I totally agree with you. This is the best app ever for managing and moving files.. I’ve been using this for a long time. Nice review!!


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