The American Revolution – OverSimplified (Part 1)


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World Map
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Crossing The Chasm
Prelude and Action
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Fast Talkin
Exotic Battle
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Dances and Dames
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I Knew A Guy

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  1. Can we just appreciate the fact that he did not put Georgie in the "Brain Trust" because Gorgie actually did not send any delegates to the first Continental Congress.

  2. King George III:Get the hell out

    King George III:I'm gonna Kick you A**

    The Founders:He's gonna Lick our……Gross


    Random British person:NO THE TEA!! HURRY DRINK IT!!! drinks tea

    Random Founder:Alright,You have been wearing the same thing everyday for the last ten months so we know that you want this so Cut the Crap George



    King George:What……The……FU-

  3. SIMPLE, FUN TO WATCH, AND SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND LEARN. I totally love this. Lol, bad thing I have to watch in English and then translate in Italian

  4. Oh my god. Did you guys get the pun when he said somebody shot first? In the animation a person on the British side shot and the rebellions side shot and two soldiers fell, this is a play on "Han Shot First"

  5. America in 1776: No taxation without representation!

    Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa in 2020: Are we a joke to you?

  6. While I'm glad we had the American Revolution, it doesn't sounds like we were in the right. In fact, if my understanding of the French Revolution is accurate, we might have indirectly caused it.

  7. OverSimplified
    Fun fact: Columbus never thought he reach America or an other continent he believed till death that he landed on India


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