Team Liquid vs TSM | Week 1 Day 3 S10 LCS Spring 2020 | TL vs TSM W1D3


lcs Monday Night League: TSM vs TL W1D3 S10 LCS 2020 Spring – Team Liquid vs TSM lol eSports NA LCS Spring 2020.
LoL eSports S10 NA LCS Regional Qualifier – TL vs TSM | League of Legends NA LCS 2020 Team Liquid vs TSM VOD 1080p Full HD.
Second match of the day – Team Liquid vs TSM best 1.
TSM vs TL W1D3 full game in HD 1080p.

Team Liquid Line-up:
Impact – Top Ornn
Broxah – Jungle Jarvan IV
Jensen – Mid Orianna
DoubleLift – ADC Xayah
CoreJJ – Support Rakan

Team Solomid Line-up:
Broken Blade – top Gangplank
Dardoch – jungle Elise
Bjergsen – mid Zilean
Kobbe – ADC Miss Fortune
Biofrost – support Leona

Patch: 10.1 – Season 10
Game date: 27.01.2020 | 09/27/2020 | January 27th 2020
Game place: LCS Studio
Casters: Azael and Captain Flowers

S10 LCS Spring 2020 All Games:
S10 LCS Spring 2020 Week 1 playlist:

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  1. S10 LCS Spring 2020 All Games:

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  2. TSM gave up their best roster after 2016. Call it like it is. Yes, Doublelift sucked in worlds, but that team was amazing. Now they can't even win spring or summer split and why can't we just have only 1 split? Why does it have to be two? Trophies and winning would be more meaningful than these 2 championships in each region. I lost track, but yeah, 2016 was the best TSM roster ever. Bjergsen actually played aggressive, Svenkaren was the best jungler and should have been MVP over Bjergsen. You had Doublelift, I mean what the hell? The only thing that could have been better was have a better top lane than Hauntzer tho he rode the balls of 3 superstars at their prime on the team. I would have gave it one year or even more just to trophy farm really, let's be honest winning worlds for a NA team seems impossible so, why not continue winning splits? Now… Bjergsen is a shell of his former self and washed up and constantly gets new rosters each split lol. Such a joke of a organization.

  3. Bjergsen made 2 critical mistakes (–> not ulting biofrost at 17:45 when contesting 2nd Herald and not ulting himself at 22:40 when contesting the fire soul) and Biofrost was just dissapointing.

    I'm confused about the latter. Biofrost used to be good (when he first joined TSM) but After then he became very average and I don't understand why he was picked over Smoothie. But hey, this is only their 2nd game and it was against TL after all.

  4. 5:10 isn't flash>zenith blade it's zenith blade>flash. You can see bio start the anim before flashing which is why DL couldnt flash out in this case as the zenith blade was a bit faster than he was expecting ig.

  5. MF ults were abysmal this game. I think I only saw two total. Might be wrong, but you pick MF for the ult, not to strut around autoing

  6. 5 years after I quit playing and professional play still has the same problem: one team gets a small lead and they slowly choke the weaker team out until the game ends 🙁

  7. TSM’s washed. After the DoubleLift season I thought “Maybe, maybe, maybe” but it’s pretty clear. This team isn’t going to worlds.

  8. Tsm are a joke now biofrost kobbe dogshit sorry you get worse players every year plenty of koreans and europeans like broxa and you get the drips


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