Tailor Boutique Clothes Shop


Design dresses and clothes for happy customers in Tailor Boutique Clothes Shop.

Make your dream come true and become a real tailor! Fabric is available in all colors to be creative, start sewing it all together for a fantastic result. The clothes shop needs you to design dresses and clothes, so they can satisfy the happy customers. The tailor boutique has its own cash register to pay for the dresses without ATM.

– Welcome happy customers in your tailor boutique
– Choose fabric in your favorite color
– Take your scissor and design the perfect dresses
– Craft for the complete clothes shop
– Use the cash register to pay for dresses and clothes
– Become the most successful tailor boutique

Play now and be the best tailor of the city. Start to craft and design dresses for the clothes shop to sell. Use the cash register to pay out like real life. Have fun!

Google Play link –

Nguồn: https://quydinh.com

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