Structured Data Training 13: How to create Breadcrumbs in Search Results


In this video I’ll show you how you can create Structured Data for Breadcrumbs that produce a Rich Snippet (in this case breadcrumbs) in search results that are clickable, too!

Link to the Rich Snippets & Structured Data Plugin:

Link to the lesson/transcript:

Link to the full Structured Data Training Course:

Googles Reference for a LocalBusiness Snippet:

BreadcrumbList on

Structured Data Generator:

Googles Structured Data Test Tool:


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  1. post title does nothing, you dont see it in google search results they ignore it in the breadcrumb if it has the postitle, if there was a way to get the last item in the url after the / that would work and appear in google

  2. Hi Florian, awesome and pretty clear video. I just had one more Q, wrote it also here:


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