Start your Arduino instantly – no boot time without bootloader


Every now and then you need your Arduino to boot / start faster. By default your Arduino has a bootloader. This bootloader makes it easy to program. But this bootloader slows down the start time while is it checking for new code on the serial.

When you have you completed project and want to upload it without the bootloader so that it will boot faster you can use a second Arduino to program the first one. We will here use Arduino as ISP (ArduinoISP) to program an Arduino.

And we will burn the booloader back to the chip again, so you can use is as an ordinary Arduino again.

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Short Guitar Clip by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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  1. Very nice simple explanation. Thank you very much, I will be trying this on the weekend.
    P.s. I noticed at 3:25 a typo where it displays "5V" to "5V", but what you said is correct "5V" to "VIN". Still understood it.

  2. Thank you very much for this informative tutorial…This method worked for me….My nano board was failed , I was not able to upload any program to it using serial cable….but your method saved my money and now I am able to program that failed nano board through uno board. Only problem is both the chips are getting programmed together with same program. Target board and Master board both are getting programed together with same program.

  3. Say you want to permanently program an arduino, is it possible to program it and remove the bootloader without using an Programer-ISP?
    (I realise, you will not be able to reprogram it without hooking it upp to a "programer" if it should work.)

  4. I kept failing uploading my sketch by pressing "Upload" instead of "Upload Using Programmer". Much appreciated! Simple and straight to the point.


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