Send 10,000 Emails In 5 Mins | Outlook Email Marketing


Send 10,000 emails in just few clicks. Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook provide you the solution to that. Mail merge for Outlook email blasting.

All Videos are in 2 Languages English and [हिंदी – اردو].


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  3. Does this still work and any restrictions on the number that can be sent? Second, how can you ensure the emails you're sending will land in the recipients' inbox and not spam?

  4. You can not send 10K emails with this mmethod. Because your SMTP (yandex or gmail) wil block you after 200!!: You should use a different SMPT set smpt correctly!

  5. Hi, can I send these emails adding more récipients by email? I would need to send like 100 emails with standard message personalized but each eamil with 2 or 5 recipients, not separate email to eqch person from the same company. Thanks in advance for your feedback

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  11. You can't send 10,000 emails. Not at least this way. Why? Because Gmail limits you and so do other email services. Thank You!

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  15. I do email marketing, and love to see how other people do as it's always good to test new ideas. Just want to say I love this video. Keep up the great content. You Rock!


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