Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 1 | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


Watch live coverage as Chief Justice John Roberts presides over the U.S. Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. The two articles of impeachment charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
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Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 1 | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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  1. There are things that are NOT OUR BUSINESS IN REGARDS TO SECURITY.
    Has anyone ever been held responsible for the fake accident of them 16 year olds in Arkansas when Clinton was the Govorner???

  2. I am so upset. Our law's are in place to get warrants to get the documents sought after. I am confused as to how Shiff has not been arrested because he is talking out of both sides of his mouth… This is serious. What the actual fk?!?!?

  3. What does the President say that is not true or incriminating??? I'm sorry but the Commander in Chief of America can do anything they want while in office … I want it that way as long as HE IS TRANSPARENT WITH THOSE CLOSEST TO HIM … We have checks and balances I am waiting to hear how we are here… 🤔🤔🤔🗽🗽🗽

  4. I do not support the death penalty but if ever it is appropriate Adam Shiff is a perfect example of where and when the death penalty should be used sure and swift! I am discusted !!! Oh my Lord help US all!!!

  5. If it is not already set as rule it should be. If the House isn't in order stay away from the Senate until you have your stuff in order. In the former Impeachment trials we didn't have the ability to exchange information as freely… I am not hearing or seeing anything impeachable yet.

  6. Awesome Turn out of Facts of No Quid Pro Quo and without that one cannot obstruct whats not there!!! Looks Like Once Again and Still Trump 2020!!!

  7. IF PRESIDENT TRUMP IS INNOCENT THOSE WHO VOTED IN FAVOR OF IMPEACHMENT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE … Like would be the case if the Impeachment is upheld… Seems like the person pointing fingers are the ones guilty of high crime's… Do we still hang for treason?

  8. Oh my friggin LORD … This Adam Shiff guy is in opposition because ??? I hear him say one thing while what is actually in place is exactly what he says is not… This guy and any others who decided to impeach President either need to show US why … If they are wrong they are guilty very possibly guilty of TREASON…

  9. President Trump was in Switzerland… 🤔🤔🤔 The Swiss supporting US financially when the colonization by European descendants began … I have been curious about how involved the Swiss are in OUR politics and I am guessing I will never learn the answer to my curiosity… 🤔🤔🤔🗽🗽🗽🧐🧐🧐🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Trial evedince being allowed is the only way to be a trial in America… "New" evidence??? If the House impeached President Trump what ever evidence was available at the time used to move US this direction is all that should be used… How is the President supposed to defend himself??? How are we supposed to defend ourselves???
    #FairTrial 🗽🗽🗽🧐🧐🧐🗽🗽🗽

  11. Thank you YouTube for hosting the entire streaming of this historical event. I am absolutely discusted with the House not doing their job. This is going to take way longer than than it should if we should even be here. #CommanderAndChief

  12. Schumer implies at 29:38 that Trump seeks to turn the clock back to claim the privileges the US fought the War of Independence to prevent the Head of State claiming in the days of King George III.
    I submit Trump wants to go FURTHER back, to the absolute immunity overthrown in England the previous century, in 1688, when it became the first nation on earth to force its monarch to submit to the rule of law. Trump's obstruction of justice would have been considered the illegal actions of a tyrant in 1776 England. And interestingly, King Geo III was several times sidelined from the throne for mental health issues which in the context of Trump, do not look particularly disqualifying.

  13. McConnell omits a key difference between the Clinton impeachment and this one: In Clinton's case, the Senate (as well as the House) was held by a GOP majority, ie the other tribe from the person being impeached.
    So it is eminently relaxing and understandable (from a GOP perspective) to make the rules halfway through the Senate process, because they knew they could make them to their own notions of fairness.
    The burden of fairness is much heavier when a Senate is trying (and desperate to acquit) one of their own, and a pre-agreed process is a bastion against unfairness in such situations.

    It's also notable that significant numbers of Senators from both sides voted against their party line in the Clinton case. The presumption of bi-partisanship was already a stretch (largely thanks to the best part of a decade of Gingrich systematically kneecapping all its proponents from his side) but it was still a possibility, back closer to that golden time when steam engines and dinosaurs roamed the earth….

  14. OMG this insufferable, they don't get it this is all a total filibuster of this presidency, this is a cue from the left, they are corrupt massively fascist.
    This has to stop please this Shift guy need to be removed. a total fascist.

  15. Spread this Education Lesson around. Watch "Mark Levin Delivers His Opening Statement on Impeachment to Senate | LevinTV" on YouTube

  16. The facts are coming to light that the democrat party has been Americas enemy ever since they lost their right to own human beings as property, they have been responsible for horrific crimes against American and Americans since the Civil War, they started the KKK, they directly influenced the Nazis in Germany, not one democrat voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it was passed, even though they brought a huge resergence of the KKK to help them squash it by intimidating everyone who voted for it, they are actively working with the UN to take away you American rights like free speech and guns, etc, they are directly responsibe for Antifa and are currently trying to overthown a duly elected President. Trump threw a huge kink in the last election. Their plan was for obama to rule the world thru the UN and hillary was to rule America. Not one of these things is an action of a friend of America, but our worst enemies.

  17. Adam Schiff – confirmed lies:

    1) Remember, this is the guy who said, ‘We have more than circumstantial evidence that there was coordination between Trump and Russia, and Russia influenced the election.’ That turned out to be false.

    2) Adam Schiff said that the Nunes memo was false. Michael Horowitz told us no it wasn’t; it was exactly right.

    3) Adam Schiff said you can trust the FISA court. Michael Horowitz said last month that no, you can’t; they lied to the FISA court 17 times.

    4) Adam Schiff told us we look forward to hearing from the whistleblower. Adam Schiff said we’ve had no contact with the whistleblower. Turns out to be a lie.

    5) Then just yesterday, the story where he misrepresents to all that Mr. Z is Mr. Zelensky, when in fact it was Mr. Zlochevsky.

    6) Schiff sent a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler last week summarizing a trove of evidence from Lev Parnas, an indicted former associate of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. In one section of the letter, Schiff claims that Parnas ‘continued to try to arrange a meeting with President Zelensky,’ citing a specific text message exchange where Parnas tells Giuliani: ‘trying to get us mr Z.’ The remainder of the exchange — which was attached to Schiff’s letter — was redacted. But the evidence strongly suggests “mr Z” was not Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky but rather Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma.

    7) So, yeah, when Adam Schiff talks about (Ambassador Gordon) Sondland, he doesn’t tell you that was all presumption. Mr. Sondland terstified to that, when Congressman [Mike] Turner asked him, under oath, at the hearing

    But now we’re supposed to believe him, in spite of that history, where seven important things he had exactly wrong?

    It would help if the American people were exposed to the full truth. Alas, the biased media act like such propagandists for the Democrat Party that all many Americans are hearing is whatever the Democrat Party wants them to believe, regardless of whether it’s fact or fiction.

  18. We need to get this President out of office no rich guy is going to have the best interest of the poor people and the middle class. All they're doing is in reaching their own pockets and giving us a bunch of fake news and using our hard earned tax dollars to do it

  19. He done obstruction through Mueller investigation , through the house ,now the Senate, what isn't fair. Lord u people.


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