Ryan Learns Brand Identity: Ryan Learns Something Episode 3


Ryan has $15,000 and 6 months to learn everything he can about marketing and branding. In Episode 3 of Ryan Learns Something, Ryan learns all about brand identity. He learns from books, magazines, and online courses before flying to New York City to attend the Brand New Conference and learn from experts and attendees. Ryan then puts his expertise to the test creating a new brand video for Degreed.

About Ryan Learns Something:
What can one person learn with all the open resources available today? Degreed has given Ryan $15,000 and 6 months to learn everything he can about marketing and branding.

In each episode, Ryan dives deep into a topic, meets experts, gets his hands dirty, and learns from the best education content available as we explore how much someone can really learn on their own.

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Episode Credits:
Special Thanks to:
-Brand New, Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit
-Rodney Abbot
-Brimley Neon

Learner, Director of Photography, Videographer: Ryan Baylis
Producer: Jonathan Munk
Producer: David Milton Johnson
Producer: Caitlin Probst
Art Direction: David Johnson
Writer: Andrew Scarcella
Researcher: Braden Thompson
Designer: Pam Wilcken
Motion Graphics: Adam Forbes
Sound: TJ Nokleby
Videographer: Brett Belingheri
Audio: Zach Kempf

Episode Research:
UPS Brown:

Minion Yellow:

Home Depot’s Orange:
Target’s Red:
Trademarked Pantone Colors:
South Butt and North Face:

Uber’s Rebrand

Lego Facts

Ford Logo Evolution

Starbucks Logo Evolution:

Bodega bagels:

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  1. I Like the section where you mentioned how brand should be treated as human and can't be forced to act brand as a brand. I think it sums up to how brand grows as well.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to explain to people that there is more to a brand than just a logo. A lot of people don't understand what brand developers do. It's good to give some context and show how much work it really is!

  3. Sometimes I get more caught up in the branding of companies than the actual products that are being pushed. I'm a brand geek and this video was pretty entertaining. Thanks Ryan!

  4. Great job. Really impressed. After seeing myself in the video, I've officially gone on a diet. lol.


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