Russian mafia hit in St Petersburg


Sell all your college textbooks here

hitman catches up with a fat crime boss as he pulls in in his SUV. Gun is in a paper bug, shoots him once and then the gun malfunctions



  1. The Mexicans use Ak 47 and AR 15s. And they don't send one to do it they send at least 2 truck loads or more to do it . And they dress like military men. Check out Nuevo Laredo cartels.

  2. Only in Russia when’s there’s a small issue that can be talked through will you find 25 guys with ak47s coming for your head😂

  3. This guy just played Hitman recently and take a job in real life hoping it will be easy like what he does in the game…


  4. Guys who talk about the power of cartels, stop watching movies: D The mafia is much more serious than the cartels, the Russian mafia is the most powerful mafia in the world, because there are serious people in it who have serious connections. Mafia sells weapons to these cartels

  5. Eau si va beliti gunoierilor futetii cu topoarele in gat maficacat de caine va ingrop pe toti pidari boriti


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