Ruby on Rails 5 Beginner's Tutorial – 9. Bootstrap 4 – Adding Bootstrap Gem


This is a Ruby on Rails 5 Beginner’s Tutorial, part 9. Adding the Bootstrap 4 Gem. It follows closely but spiffs it up and adds some bling to it in the end with Bootstrap 4 (this episode and the next 2). I run on Ubuntu.

In case a Ruby/Rails person wonders: When installing new Gems, I do the full install – Not just ‘bundler install’. Sometimes I’ve ran into errors when I don’t do it this way.
To set up your environment: (to install ruby) (to install rails) (to install SQLite3 ) (to install git) (to install text editor)
Music: Surf City recorded by Jan & Dean 1963, written by Brian Wilson and Jan Berry – I do not own or have any rights to this song.



  1. I am have this error that says…..

    ExecJS::ProgramError in Welcome#index

    Showing C:/Projects/Rails/Blog/app/views/layouts/application.html.erb where line #8 raised:

    undefined not callable


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