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  1. The problem I have with this is that you don't really get to create your own growls. This just does it for you, or just amplifies your growls (fucking liars said you could put ANY sound and get something out of it), and cheats your sound designing experience. You don't learn anything from this. Definitely not worth the money, and is for lazy producers.

  2. I got a huge respect shane for doing this and I admit its a great plugin, BUTT, to be really honest, Drum Buzz + multiband beat the shit out of growlify >_>

  3. The problem here is that using this plugin for growls seems to be its weakest and most useless function. Being someone that is capable of making the growls that he is advertising without growlify, for the sole purpose of growl sounds, this would be useless. What people should really understand though is that JUST BECAUSE IT'S CALLED GROWLIFY DOES NOT MEAN IT NEEDS AND HAS TO BE USED FOR GROWLS. I could easily see good use for this putting it on something like vocals, making those monster type vocals you hear nowadays, and also stuff like ambience. Even glitch sounds that are formed in granualizers could use a bit of this to add an extra bit of complexity. In fact, marketing this vst just as a growl exclusive vst was probably the worst thing the RPS team could have done, as a lot of people are getting the wrong impression. Now, this definitely would not become a staple on my production like he advertises it will, but I could definitely find some niche uses for it along the road. Just a thought 😉

  4. I don't understand why people would wanna buy this plugin.

    It's definitely an improvement from the shit that was the original (seriously, selling an OTT and a hpf with resonance for an absurd price?!), but it's nothing new. The Compressor module is basically an OTT, maybe 2 or 3 chained together, and the Growl tab is an hpf, a stereoizer, a formant eq cycling through a couple vowel formants and some distortion.

    There's no learning involved. There's no creativity involved. There's nothing.


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