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  1. More expensive than Gypsy Avenger.
    Doesn't even come with its mace/flail.
    And this is on a Mecha Figuart.

  2. there is a problim with these toys. the ball joints in the hands are incredabuly weak so if you buy these series of toys be carefull of that it could be just mine but all four toy that i got hand the same problim lack of friction maby idk

  3. In the movie, the forward guns and the rear guns are the same pair. They just shift from front to back along the rails on the Jaeger's side. So displaying the figure with both front and rear gun pairs is totally wrong.

  4. wait… where's the huge wrecking ball it had???… also, its the Bulkhead/hound of the Jaegers!!!… and maybe it's just me but I feel like these Jaegers are the team from Transformers: animated series for the Pacific Rim universe…

  5. Hay I wanted to know what do you do with the figures you don't like having around or do you only get stuff you like and it happens to be a lot of stuff to upload daily basis? 😅🤔

  6. It would be cool if they made a Brawl figure but the robot mode looks like this, and he becomes a dark grey and purple cybertronian tank.

  7. Seriously emgo, get the Soul of Chogokin Gypsy! XD

    With that said, I'm still contemplating if I'm getting this or the model kit version…


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