Riding from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi


This video is a compilation of the footage I was able to get during our ride from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi in northern Vietnam. It is really hard to explain the beauty of this country. It is something that you have to see in person.

The total trip was 25 days and we wasted no time getting a bike once we landed in Ho Chi Minh for the trip. Jess has never been on the back of a bike before and after a few rides with a loaned scooter she was feeling semi-comfortable around the hectic traffic. We switched the scooter out for a Honda XR150 and loaded up the bike. With 2 backpacks and 2 smaller bags, we fueled up and set off.

We were not ready for the ever changing landscapes. We stopped frequently to take in the views. The route that we took recommended by Tigit was covered in nice turns sloping down the mountainside. I’m a bit shocked that there wasn’t much of a motorbike/car racing scene here considering the roads the locals ride on everyday would breed some talented drivers/riders.

We spent a night or two in most of the cities but focused most of our time in Ho Chi Minh and Hue where my family lives. Thank you Vietnam for an amazing time, we will be back 🙂



  1. On this journey as of right now. In Nah Trang or my way to Quy Nohn. Once I can get out of this bed. Great Video btw

  2. I watched your video 5 times! Great SOUNDTRACKS!!!! You two planned to go back there and ride to the South? Perhaps ferry the bike over to Phu Quoc Island?!! I rode the entire island!! Wonderful white sand at the southern tip of the island! Give it a try

  3. even i am planning for a roadtrip from Hanoi to Ho chi min or vice versa next year in Feb 2020. Do i need to obtain Vietnamese driving license for doing a road trip.

  4. Did tigit supply you with all the straps, tank bag if you want, helmet, gloves etc? or did you just bring/buy them. Also, any changes to the route you took that you'd recommend? thanks!

  5. Any issues driving without a intl license? Thanks, Also, what was the rough cost of everything? Buy & sell the bike, or like rent from tigit or anything? Thanks alot just planning a similar trip

  6. Very nice video. Coming december 2019 I go from Hanoi to Ha Giang (loop tour) then Halong Bay and from there down south to HCM. What did you pay for the rental bike?

  7. How long did it take for y'all from HCM to Hanoi? I'm trying to make a round trips in 15 days, will that be enough? Planning on heading up via the coastal route and down the West side.

  8. Hi,
    My wife and I are doing this in a September. Did you feel that the Honda XR 150cc was powerful enough for the two of you?

  9. Great bro!
    I had go a journey like that but I go from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh.
    This is north vietnam motorbike tours loop bike tours

  10. You guys are too cute! Great adventure. Makes me think of the top gear episode..but you have a much more reliable bike!

  11. Yo this was so good, glad you captured all of this footage. So many of the scenes had me laughing, those blue pants Jess was wearing before that super rainy bit had me dying, fully cultured hahaha. The elevator scene also had me tripping! Looked like a blast dude!

  12. The architecture looks crazy in some of those city’s as well as the temple’s? If that’s the right word. That statue was massive and riding in the rain at night looked super sketchy. Can’t forget The landscape and wild animals. You did a great job on this. I enjoyed it a lot 🙂


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