Review: USB 3.0 SATA 2.5" inch HD HDD Hard Disk Drive Enclosure External Case Box D9


Update: It’s been over 3 years and I’m still using it as a hot swap and hard drive format tool. Despite its cheap cost it’s holding up great.

USB 3.0 SATA 2.5″ inch HD HDD Hard Disk Drive Enclosure External Case Box D9

The flash drives were Fat32 when I filmed so I went back and tested with NTFS.

Western Digital WD5000BEVT
– 80Mb/s – 0.42min – NTFS
Intel 40Gb SSD Sata II
– 42Mb/s – 1:14min – NTFS
Mushkin Ventura 32Gb USB3.0
– 26Mb/s – 1:48min – NTFS
– 26Mb/s – 2:04min – Fat32
Patriot Rage 16Gb USB2.0
– 22Mb/s – 2:25min – NTFS
– 20Mb/s – 2:40min – Fat32



  1. I know it's probably all you have but with a better mic and camera I would watch all of your videos you have an amazing voice and I can see you going places

  2. when I plug it into my Toshiba it shows the sleep and charge notification, but when i check my this PC the removable disk doesn't show. help?

  3. I tried to recover my files from a WD Caviar Black 750GB HDD, I put in the drive and plug it in. When I try it, there is no noise from the HDD enclosure and my Win 8 Tablet (temporary replacement) doesn't recognise the drive. What a waste of money.

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