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•Software download link

•How to recover a flashdrive’s full capacity using BootIce

1.Download BootIce, bot x64 and x86 versions are available from

2.Extract the .rar file into a location of your choice. As BootIce is a portable program, you can run it from flashdrive or external HD.

3.Verify the drive you have is the one with the problem. ATTN: Deleting partitions will erase all data. Make sure you back up any important files or data you do not want to lose before proceeding.

4.Insert the verified USB with the issue into your computer’s USB port.

5.You will need Administrator access to run BootIce as it requires formatting priviledges. Right click BootIce and select Run as Administrator.

6.Run BootIce as Administrator

7.Select the destination drive from the dropdown menu and click the Parts Manage button.
BootIce main screen

8.A new screen will open, with the drive and any partitions beneath. Here you can modify parameters, such as partition sizes and Windows assigned drive letter. Select the main drive, the first option on the list and click the Re-Partitioning button.
BootIce partition management window

9.In the popup window, select the single partition or multi-partition option depending on the partition(s) of the drive. In this example, we’ll select the Single Partition option to restore the full usable size to the drive. Below, select the type of File System best matching with your drive, either FAT16 or FAT32 for flashdrives. This one is FAT 32. You may assign a name for your flashdrive in the Volume Label box. Leave all other options as default. Click OK.
BootIce formatting popup screen

10.A confirmation box will appear, to proceed if you are certain click OK. NOTE Pressing OK will reformat the drive and delete all data. If your drive contains data you don’t want to lose, select Cancel and do a data backup.
BootIce comfirmation box

11.The popup window will gray out during processing and progress will be displayed in the titlebar.
BootIce formatting in progress

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