Replace a Laptop DVD Optical Drive with Hard Drive


Replace a Laptop DVD Optical Drive with Hard Drive

Laptop running out of storage space? Have no use for a CD/DVD Optical Drive no more? Why not use the Optical Drive space to put a hard drive or SSD Solid State Drive in its place. You can use a very affordable HDD caddy to slot into the CD/DVD Rom Drive bay.

Install A Hard Drive Or SSD In Your Notebook’s Optical Bay
Zheino Aluminum Universal 9.5mm or 12.7mm Hard Drive Caddy SATA to SATA 2nd HDD caddy Hard disk tray adapter enclosure replacement

Zheino 12.7MM Aluminum SATA 2nd Hard Disk Drive Caddy Case Adapter For Universal Laptop CD / DVD-ROM Optical Bay

Zheino 9.5MM Aluminum SATA 2nd Hard Disk Drive Caddy Case Adapter For Universal Laptop CD / DVD-ROM Optical Bay

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  1. QUESTION: What type of connection is this product? For example, does this connect via a PCIe port? Or is it some other type of port? If so, what other type of port?

  2. Please answer…
    Now, I want to buy a laptop:
    AMD dual core e2 9000e; 4GB DDR4; 5000GB HDD.
    Next, I want to replace HDD with 120GB or 240 GB SSD.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Later, I want to add the HDD in place of DVD RW.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Then,can this laptop run MS office and internet **without any problem**??

  3. I have hdd and ssd which is the same exact clone copy so should i just pnp the hdd to the slot or I need to format it too?

  4. Finally the HDD caddy recognized by my PC.
    Follow these steps below;

    1. Go to Disk Management
    2. Find out the "disk" which has the same storage size as your HDD or SSD installed in your caddy.
    3. Right click on that "disk" – Then click "delete volume"
    4. Format with default settings

    The PC will recognize the HDD or SSD caddy after you do all the above.

  5. I put a second hard drive in the optical drive with a caddy and have tried everything to get my laptop to recognize the new hard drive, but no luck. Any suggestions?

  6. Here is my problem. Everything works fine when I used SSD in the Caddy and hard disk in the hard disk bay.
    But when I used my 1TB Hitachi hard disk that came with Laptop in the caddy it isnt recognized.
    Is it the problem of this particular Caddy? Do i need to get a different model?
    Because of this I am forced to use SSD in the caddy which will only give me SATA II speed (3gbps) instead of SATA III (6gbps). Would really appriciate it of someone could help me. Please

  7. hey this is cool and all but the issue that im thinking of is what if someone presses the button that ejects the optical drive? is the hard drive just going to pop out and isn't that an issue?

  8. I have done this on 3 laptops ( all Acers ) and it's very easy to do.. but not one of the laptops recognised the drive ..tried HDs and ssd's ..any ideas why ? all the drives have been Formatted and work via USB

  9. i just did , and it does not shows my drive which i put the hhd which was of the laptop as i replaced its hdd with ssd, i installed windows 10 on ssd

  10. Just one thing you may have overlooked… The screw you unscrewed to remove the DVD case from the laptop body screws into a tab on the rear of the original DVD case

    That tab can, nearly always, be unscrewed from the DVD case and screwed back on to the SSD caddy so you can lock the caddy back in place with the laptop body using the OEM tab and screw.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there… Thanks for the vid.

  11. FAIR WARNING if u have a slot style rather than a tray style optical drive and the outer slot is part of the laptops shell u may have to completely disassemble ur laptop.motherboard and all to release the optical drive internally.every one of these videos uses a best case scenario which may not reflect your own situation.

  12. Why you place SSD to caddy it is a SATA II connection . & have you face any CPU load / Bcoz Caddy in My Laptop uses 20% CPU.

  13. Have a question what if I change the optical drive with SSD and the original one is HDD,can I make a clean format where the SSD becomes the premium that includes the system and the HDD is a storage unit.

  14. hey Britec09 can you please give me a good suggestion , i have a dell 3542 laptop with 1 tb hdd , recently i purchased a trancend SSD 120 gb /6gbps. i suceesfully installed ssd in my laptop , after watching you video i'am thinking about purchasing a Caddy but i have a another idea i am thinking about purchasing a external usb 3.0 Hdd case . Now i am so confused will you please help me about this matter what should i buy a Caddy or External usb 3.0 case . what is the best option for speed .

  15. Can i just take out the optical drive and just leave the optical bay empty? Will be bad for the laptop or is it completely fine?

  16. Bought the same HD bay and dropped in my old laptop 1Tb to act as a backup for my newer laptop but it will not recognize the unit, My laptop is HP and is running windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.


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