Redmi Note 9 Pro Review


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  1. as for as I see.. You are the ONLY YouTuber to show how the screen looks wen we hide that punch hole.
    THANKS A LOT. and please continue to do this in every phones you review.
    Subscribing your channel for it. Thanks again.

  2. Sandeep bro, your skills as a cinematographer are top notch ! You deserve a movie/series shoot. Shooting a review vdo is merely an under usage of your talent 😊😀👌👌

  3. The only way the Note 9 pro is an upgrade over the Note 8 pro is in terms of energy efficiency. I think you all agree with me yeah??. 😃 The new Snapdragon 720G chipset is an 8nm processor so it is power efficient. 👍

  4. बॉस , बहोत ही अच्छा बोलते हो तुम
    I meam your voice nice and wordings like professionally written

  5. Mann do show a comparison vid based on the cameras it has with Realme 6… And which one to prefer for regular use.. !

  6. I'm astonished by Xiaomi's services. I got my broken screen repaired in 4 hrs.
    Also my friend bought a bluetooth neckband. He accidentally dropped it from 30ft, but it didn't broke, just got creeky noises at 80% & higher volume. We took it to service center, they instant replaced it & no questions asked.


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