Realistic Sparkle Effect in Photoshop


Hey guys, in this fun episode I will show you how to create a realistic sparkle drawing effect in Photoshop.

Have fun!!!

➤ Here you can download a tutorial files:
➤ My set of sparkle brushes and action:

➤Here is the list of equipment that I use:

Tablet that I recommend for beginners:
Camera for tutorial recording:
Microphone for tutorial recording:
My MAIN camera:
Second camera:

GoPro 2:
My Everyday camera bag:


With your support we can make this channel bigger and better. So we can learn a lot more.
Backing this project will enable me to spend more time creating new fun tutorials.




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  1. awesome awesome video.can you make an episode of How to choose colors that are in line with design
    (the theory of colors) and how we can improve this skill

  2. i have huge passion towards photo manipulation and all the crazy stuffs in Photoshop but my parents are forcing me to leave all those things focus on medical preparation lets see what happens in near future.

  3. Svake nove godine i ako smo se ponasali dobro dobili smo sparkles ahaha zaboravio sam kako se zovu na nasem.

  4. I have two requests: I want to add skin texture on slightly smudged skin and a detailed tutorial on digital painting. Hope I can expect from you?

  5. Very cool dear NS – and by the way, your brushes [which are (unsurprisingly) great!] are priced too low, especially considering PayPal rips takes its cut first!

  6. Disappointed….. Just downloaded the sparkle brush set. They are GREAT, However, I'm disappointed in that none of the "brush presets" have been saved with the brushes. I could go into each and make the additions myself. However, you should have made these edits. Are you planning to make another version available for download?

  7. Hey Nemanja, I got a problem with my Wacom tablet. I can not find the problem.. If i zoom in on a picture, and start drawing. Then it moves the screen like it happends when you are scrolling.

  8. I also like before watching videos. I see your past video how to select anything in Photoshop and learn more about selecting thanks bro.

  9. Thank you for mentioning that you cannot make a brush if the image is to large. I thought there was a bug in my Photoshop. I couldn't figure it out. You saved me a lot of time and trouble. I wonder how many people didn't know this.

  10. Freaking awesome! So many possibilities. Thanks, Nemanja. Please tell me that occasionally you get creative block – similar to writer's block?


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