Quick Guide to Borrel Boss Monsters – Strength & Weakness


Borreload, Borrelsword, Borrelguard, might as well learn about them and hope the future ones are just as good.

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  1. All 3 are are amazing! I use them in nearly all my decks. Hell, Borrelguard has help my Six Sam's defeat a Darklord deck to win me a locals!

  2. Borrelguard: Cheapest Boi, Good replacement for Borrelsword if you can’t afford it in Backrow heavy decks
    Borreload: Middle Ground Price Boi, Can steal and is good all around
    Borrelsword: Expensive Ban Worthy Boi, Automatic win if summoned

  3. Borrelsword such a good OTK/FTK machine. the downside he’s vulnerable to monster effect and spell/traps removal.

    Borreload was a good backup incase Borrelsword failed. idk on Borrelguard looks like monster reborn on legs.

  4. When the monster in the end phase that is sent to the GY by borreloads eff switches control back to the opponent's field is it still sent in the end phase…. is it a condition on the mon

  5. I really like watching this video. You explained everything for me and I appreciate the fact that I dont have to go to the Wikia myself. XD

  6. I really enjoyed. I’ve been stockpiling rokket cards waiting for more support and the rest of their extra deck lineup. They have great generic use, but It would make me very happy to build a successful pure rokket deck.

  7. borrelguard by all means should be in battles of legend in june, since it's in the collector's pack in the ocg, and our __ of legend sets have been the tcg equivalent of those sets for quite some time. also, i find it amusing how these are supposed to be the win condition for the rokket theme, and yet nobody ever discusses the usage of these in an actual rokket deck, lol.

  8. Borrelguard is in CP18 which as far as we know as cards like Number 90, Sanadaion and Topologic Gumblar will get all of it's cards put into Battles of Legend. So we probably will receive him before Borrelsword, unless for some reason like Bagooska with the last collector's pack he gets taken out. Which I genuinely doubt


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