Putin’s Forever Presidency


Speculation over the political future of Russian President Vladimir Putin became somewhat clearer this week. The Russian leader threw his weight behind proposals to amend Russia’s current constitutional cap on presidential term limits — a move that will allow him to stay in power beyond the end of his current term of 2024. Charles Maynes reports.
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  1. Putin has been in power for 20 years, he promised that he will never change the constitution for himself, but what is he doing right now? correct, changes the constitution. he built around this corruption rabble. Putin spoils relations with other countries because of his resentment and revenge, as a result of which ordinary people suffer. he is robbing the population. I live in Siberia, in the oil district, where my parents live for about 40 years and they literally built this place. and here, in the oil district, a pension of 10,000 rubles. this is fucking scary and abnormal. 20 million people below the poverty line. beggarly salaries and pensions. just look at Alexey Navalny channel and you will understand what the hell we live in.

  2. Anyone remember what happened when Stalin died? A rapid decline of the country.
    So any guesses what will happen when the short bald geriatric dies?

    Hint it’s not going to be good. 😂

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  4. จะให้ฉันทำยังไง เลือกให้ตั้งหลายวิธี

  5. No one complained when it was the bitches who run Europe reigning thousands of years endlessly and never stepping down to the street to know what life is really like in this world, doing terrible disasterously calamities all the while. Good luck, mr Putin ❤️ from America.

  6. Long live the greatest Christian leader this world has ever seen.
    Why don't do our media criticise other countries like Saudi Arabia or some of the dictatorship that America supports? Our Hipocrasy is just mind blowing. We struggle with leaders that are not puppets.


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