Pure CSS Star Rating Widget – How To Create a Simple Star Rating with Html and CSS – No Javascipt


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  1. First star alone won't check. I reviewed the video and compared it to my html for any errors. From what I can tell there weren't any and the other stars, in which the html was copied from the first, do not seem to have any problem. Is anyone able to offer advice? I would really appreciate it.

  2. when i put
    .testimonial-rate label:before{

    content: '/f005';

    font-family: fontAwesome;

    it doesn't work shows only /f005, but if i use
    <i class="fas fa-star"></i> it show star
    so FontAvesome work, then no i have no ideia why

  3. nice video sir but i have a question
    i want to save rating score in database when anyone rate it on my website how can i implement it in my code please tell me

  4. How can I write star rating code by using only a single<a> tag, with as many <span> tags as I need.?

    All help will be appreciated, thanks.


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