Premium Bluetooth Speakers Bose Revolve + Vs Bose SoundLink III


Bose has recently launched the Bose Revolve Plus Bluetooth Speakers and I compare them with the Bose Soundlink III bluetooth speakers and which one of these premium bluetooth speaker is better for your needs.

Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus via Amazon
Bose Soundlink III via Amazon India



  1. thank you. You just helped me make a decision of not upgrading from the Soundlink III to the revolve, just based on the quality of the base! I thought Bose would try to keep the good reputation of being apart and ahead of the competition.

  2. Man I’ve had the SoundLink III for like 3 years now and a friend of mine got the Revolve Plus. Let me tell you that the Revolve completely destroys the SLIII. We tested many different songs and genres and the Revolve was the winner in all of them.

  3. 360 speaker has better usability in a normal real scenario where u don't sit in front of the speakers always.
    Standing back side or sideways of a front firing speaker clearly states that Bose revolve is superior with it's 360 sound.
    Please check @clavinetjunkie channel for binural recordings to clarify

  4. Looks wise both are awful. 1 is brick and another looks like morning utility container. Sorry, that is awful thing to say, but that's what it is. I immensely enjoyed the review though. Thank you!

  5. Go for Marshall. The best !. I am using it. I was a BOSE fan but I find Marshall way ahead of Bose in sound quality. Bass is just fantastic on Marshall .

  6. The main difference for me and the main reason why they can not be compared equally is that one has a stereo output (SL3) and the other only mono. That detail makes all the differences in sound quality. Bose's strategy for the revolve and new SL's is to sell them by couples in order to activate the stereo function. More functions but more complex and less portable in my opinion.

  7. Hi ranjit ,can u explain why such expensive bose speakerphone dnt work with voip calls ( watsapp, skype etc) ?I asked bose engineer they n they dnt have answer.

  8. only says badly who does not have one. Bose is bose, it is a luxury brand, with great quality, if it is to have high volume undelibrated, any cheap column does it

  9. My Soundlink 2 is over 5 years old. Still have to hear a better Bluetooth speaker ! Waiting to compare it to the apple Home Pod being launched since I'm an Apple freak….

  10. Any speaker that claims it can produce a 360 sound it gonna be mono. Nothing wrong with that but you‘re kind of missing the point of music if your only listening in mono.

  11. Hey great reviews …. Which will be the best portable Bluetooth speaker under 1500₹ . Now there are many offers so which one would you suggest. How about portronics sound pot 280 or portronics pure sound 102. Suggest me whichever you think is best.


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