Playing ARIN'S CHILDHOOD! – MegaMan V : PART 1


The date is January 29, 2020. You wake up naked in a dumpster covered in dirt. You reach back behind you for your phone, which is lodged in your buttocks for some reason. You still have 69% battery life. The clock strikes 10 AM Pacific Time. You get that notification about a new Game Grumps video featuring a Mega Man V playthrough. You click it. You hear that intro that you’ve known and loved for so many years. “Ah,” you think. “Everything is going to be okay.”

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Game Grumps are:
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  1. I will say that there are tons of fun movies that feature WWII, but they're not exactly 'about' it, they're just set in that era. Like, for example: Indiana Jones, Captain America First Avenger, etc. Even the not-fun ones tend to glorify the main characters in ways that movies about Vietnam will not (Hell, even Robin Williams' character in Good Morning Vietnam took on a darker shade when he tried in a rage to justify the war when he knew there was none), and that's likely thanks in no small part to the fact that we call the ones who aided in that war "The Greatest Generation" whereas the people we (America and the other Allies) were fighting seemed like literal cartoon villains even at the time. WWII, much more so than WWI, seemed like a true clash of good vs evil and there were a lot of stories in there that seemed out of fiction (whether it's the horrific deeds performed by Nazis or the amazing tales of Simo "The White Death" Hayha or Jack "Fighting/Mad Jack" Churchill), so it only makes sense that it has some more fun media set at the same time. Meanwhile, Vietnam was a mess and everyone knew it and knows it, and there's no real justification for it.

    This is just a layman's take on it, though, and I apologize for perhaps going too deep into it.

  2. Wish I watched this sooner b/c I know off hand that the game Dan is referring to (Where they lost the game audio) was Deadly Premonition

  3. I just saw this in my feed, I literally exclaimed out loud "Oh SHIT!!" as I was excited to see Mega Grumps going in once again to the Robot Apocalypse of 2027!!

  4. Passage was such an interesting experience for me, like one of the most profound and thought provoking indie games I've ever played, yet I have no desire to play it ever again.

    I remember the music being really damn good too, although I can't recall it right now.

  5. Beatrice…unfortunately, a girl I knew was called "Bitch-a-trice" and she carried that name through highschool. Hopefully she's okay.

  6. Wanna play a game to make you feel some things and make you think and shit? What remains of Edith Finch is a definite recommend.

  7. Death stranding is super fun and is a masterpiece of an experience! 🥺 (I can see why ppl won't give it a chance to be fair, but it's an amazing game)

  8. Damn, Arin really gave me a new perspective with that speech about games being art. I used to have the opinion that games should be fun first and should never try to be art if it diminishes the fun factor. But you're totally right, if games can be used to make people feel joy and fun, then they can be used to make them feel other emotions as well

  9. With respect to Arin, I think the most iconic note in videogame history is

    "Dear Mario,
    Please come to the castle,

    I have baked a cake for you.
    Yours truly
    Princess Toadstool

  10. Man, I wish I could do anything and have anyone care about it. I basically scream into the void 4 times a week with no responses.

  11. Ok my bad comment is that arin and dan are to two too good bois and the good comments are that arin is great and dan is great


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